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Lunar day today is January 4th

Lunar day today is January 4th year

When you have tried many ways, and the situation does not add up in your favor, you can use the help of the heavenly bodies. Following the recommendations of the daily lunar calendar, you will adjust your life and attract to yourself everything you have long dreamed of.

January 4 The moon is in a descending phase. This 24 lunar day will be influenced by the constellation Scorpio, which will help determine the choice.

Career and Finance

You should not abandon time-consuming projects at the end of the reporting period. But it is better if your professionalism helps to organize the work in such a way that all the cases are completed before the New Year. By doing so, you will once again prove to the authorities your competence and ability to cope with tasks of any complexity.

Spend more time buying small souvenirs for those who have not had time to make a New Year’s gift. But with large acquisitions it is worth to wait, because in this lunar laziness you run the risk of persuading the seller to buy something completely unnecessary for you.

Personal life and relationships

For couples, a period of magic and tenderness. Show more attention to your partner than usual, and arrange for him a little surprise. This combination of festive emotions and romantic mood will make your relationship stronger and more trusting.

Those who are still in search of their second half, the stars promise great changes. You should not spend time alone, in the hope that the prince on a white horse will knock on your door. Create a good mood, go for the guests and attend noisy parties.

This is how you will be able to increase your energy and attract your desired partner for the 24 lunar day.

Health and emotional state

Do not start the year in constant worries and doubts, because it can lead to sleepless nights or negatively affect the appearance. Arrange a holiday and go for a massage. This will help relax and bring thoughts in order.

In a peaceful state, wonderful ideas and a clear understanding of what you really want come to mind.

If this lunar day was filled with emotions and vigorous mental activity, then you should sign up for the gym to relieve unnecessary stress and also switch to another exercise. During physical exertion, our mind rests and restores strength. In doing so, we bring the external and internal state to harmony.

What matters today will be favorable

  • start of interesting projects
  • contracting with new partners
  • leisure activities with loved ones
  • breathing practices and chakra meditations

What is not recommended

  • make large purchases
  • provoke conflicts
  • invest in real estate

January 4 will be emotionally intense, as well as provide an opportunity to carry out his plan. The main thing is to believe in your own strength and not stop there. In this case, good luck will always accompany you. The lunar calendar wishes you more sunny days, a great mood, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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