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Lunar day today is January 2

Lunar day today is January 2 of the year.

The moon invariably follows us, not only illuminating the night streets, but also energetically influencing our consciousness. Many people follow the activity of the moon according to the lunar calendar, which allows them to be one step ahead, predicting their actions in such a way as to maximize their luck.

January 2 will be the 22 lunar day, which will bring joy and tranquility. It is a day of moderation and pep, a day of love and planning. These lunar days promise to be saturated, despite the decline of the Moon under the influence of a little melancholic Libra.

Career and Finance

Money likes careful handling, but on this day, the Moon will allow you to make expensive acquisitions without the risk of losing luck. Astrologers advise not to make mindless purchases. Acquisition of an immaterial nature is welcome — payment for vacations or travel.

It is recommended to postpone business and business issues for a couple of days, because on this lunar day Libra and the Moon agree to devote time to themselves and personal problems.

Love and relationship

That lunar day comes when you can do nothing or, conversely, move mountains, but only with someone. Scales, Deuce in the calendar and the energy of the Moon call you to be together with your soulmate. For those who are in search, time will also pass productively, because searches can be crowned with success. In the process, you will certainly expect interesting events that will remain in your memory as a pleasant bright spot.

Today is also an auspicious day to ask for forgiveness.

Health and Emotions

22 days on the lunar calendar can be quite vigorous, despite the decreasing moon. Today, the mood will depend on you, not you on the mood. Astrologers recommend devoting at least a few hours to themselves and their families, pushing matters to the background.

Beware of people who will tell you how to act in a given situation; among them may be detractors. Let your heart decide what to do.

How to attract luck

  • listen only to yourself
  • eliminate work and affairs from life
  • apologize in time

What can scare away luck

  • loneliness
  • despondency
  • inaction, laziness
  • excessive selfishness

Our life depends entirely on ourselves. To become happier, you need to listen to your heart. The second component of happiness is luck, which can be obtained by following the instructions and rules of the Moon and Stars.

The lunar calendar wishes you success in all areas of life. Spend more time with your family on this day, love each other and do not forget to press buttons and

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