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Lunar day today is January 1st

Lunar day today is January 1st of the year.

Lunar activity is manifested daily, reflecting on the life of each of us. To track this impact, there is a lunar calendar, which allows you to predict their actions for a certain period of time so that luck does not leave us.

January 1 is the first day of the new year and the 21st lunar day. They will be held under the sign of Libra. The moon is waning, which means lowering its energy impact.

Along with the moon, people can be a bit sluggish on this day, and not just because of the nightly celebrations. The moon calls today to take care of the internal balance.

Career and Finance

If matters require completion or an urgent decision, then astrologers advise to do it with absolute certainty. The main thing now is peace of mind, because Libra is bad for people under stress. You can safely give priority to the case, which seems important to you personally.

Remember that the moon calls you to action. And the way to choose is based on personal priorities.

The money question on the 21 lunar day should also be addressed as responsibly as possible, since there is a risk of making a mistake.

Love and relationship

In love and family relationships on a 21 lunar day, a period of tranquility continues, which is accompanied by pleasant surprises. It is recommended not to leave alone your loved one or your relatives who need attention. It may offend them.

Astrologers advise to be attentive to the feelings of others.

Single people today will be more likely to find their soul mate, as the energies of the Moon and Libra interact in such a way that similar people are attracted to each other, becoming closer in spiritual terms.

Health and emotional state

People with chronic diseases in the evening can wait for an exacerbation. The moon promises good luck to all who will be careful with their health, not abusing alcohol and junk food. Sports activities are desirable, but not too intense.

Mood swings are possible, but not strong. The main task of anyone under stress will be faith in themselves and their strength.

Recommended for a good day today.

  • attention to loved ones
  • solving urgent problems
  • confidence and calm
  • time in a pleasant company

May scare luck

  • negative emotions
  • incorrect prioritization
  • protracted repair started at this time
  • high interest loan

Today, the lunar calendar promises us all a favorable lunar day, but some efforts will be required to attract luck. We wish you good luck, happy first day of the year, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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