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Lunar day today is January 12th

Lunar day today is January 12th of the year.

The lunar energy is very strong. To use it for your own benefit, you should consult the recommendations of the lunar calendar — they will help you choose the best tactics of behavior. Today it is especially important, because in the Full Moon, luck is necessary, like air.

The full moon on January 12 promises to be nicer than usual. Today you should not be afraid of surprises and hide from trouble. Go towards your destiny, changing it, and not succumbing to the currents.

Inaction today is not in fashion — this is absolutely certain, because the lunar calendar insists that you do not sit at home, but leave your home and go in search of happiness.

Phase of the Moon: Full moon Full moon discord. In almost 100 percent of cases, this day has a different energy, for it is not only the fact of the full Moon that matters, but also the zodiacal constellation in which it is located. Today, the Earth satellite will be helped by Cancer. Sorry to help us, not the moon.

He will have differences with the Moon, but this will only have a positive effect on us. The 14th lunar day at the beginning of the year is a day of opportunity.

Magnetic Storms January 12th: today there will be small deviations from the norm in the Earth’s magnetosphere, but they will not cause you any trouble or inconvenience, so do not postpone going to the gym and do not be afraid of hard work.

What will bring luck today:

  • correction of past mistakes;
  • change of course;
  • spiritual cleansing;
  • purchases, financial transactions;

What will scare away good luck on January 12:

  • passivity;
  • trips;
  • excess;
  • doubt negative.

Home affairs at this Full Moon

Houses can be cleaned. If you had any important chores, it is better to finish them in the evening. Travel today is very dangerous, so in the evening it is better to stay at home, but not in solitude, but in the vicinity of close people.

Invite to your home those who are dear to you. Let the evening pass noisily, but without undue expression. Do not allow yourself too much fun.

What to wear on January 12

Today is a universal day for people of all tastes and tastes in clothes and style. As for the energy of color, you will be free to choose any shades to create your image. Astrologers also note that the choice of a mascot for today is unlimited.

You can combine stones with each other, creating something special.

Finance, business, career according to the lunar calendar

In the 14th lunar day you should not overwork, but only because there must be a measure in everything. Moon and Cancer will not help you if you want everything at once. Try to complete the work begun. Astrologers say that you can try to change the very approach to solving problems, since small experiments will not interfere.

Business trips are best avoided because they can bring a lot of problems and unnecessary worries, but buying or planning them can help you get rid of emotional problems. Invest in the future and do not waste on worthlessness.

Love and relationship on the 14th lunar day

The worst enemy of a successful Full Moon date is doubt. Believe that the ones you like need you. In this case, the 14 lunar day will be the beginning of a pleasant relationship, or even great love.

Honesty will be good in moderation, since even the slightest untruth may make people think that you are a pathological deceiver, and excessive honesty means that you are an ignoramus. To strengthen the love and friendship or to return their former strength, try to apologize for the insults of the past. Acknowledge, finally, your guilt or forgive a loved one.

Health and Mood at Full Moon

Cancer will add stability to your mood. He will strengthen faith in himself, but this may not be enough. Do not forget that in Full Moon, your most vulnerable place is consciousness. It can be subjected to rigorous endurance testing.

You may experience spontaneous and unreasonable experiences that can best be drowned out by work and deeds. Health problems, unfortunately, are also not excluded due to the increased energy background. Do not overwork yourself, then everything will be fine.

This day will be good for changing your destiny. Today you can change the direction of movement, but not without consequences. Be prepared for the challenges if you want a change. Overall, this Full Moon will be quite positive and productive.

Do not be afraid to act, because under a rolling stone water does not flow. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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