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Lunar day today is February 21

Lunar day today is February 21 of the year.

Each phase of the moon has a unique energy. With the help of the lunar calendar, you can use it for your own benefit and achieve success in your endeavors.

Today the moon is waning, which makes the day passive due to insufficient energy. On Tuesday, it is important to save power and do things that do not require large energy costs. This day, however, is successful for those who are not accustomed to be idle.

Your activity and influence of Mars, the patron of strong and strong-willed people, is the key to success in striving to achieve your goals.

Phase of the Moon: 25 lunar day night light will spend in the constellation Capricorn. This combination gives Tuesday passive energy. In the period before the New Moon, all life processes slow down, and people are more inclined to think rather than to act.

Magnetic storms: Today, astrologers do not predict magnetic storms. The geomagnetic field of the Earth is not subject to the active influence of the Sun, so you can not be afraid of deterioration of health.

Holidays today: Shrovetide week is celebrated in Russia, a favorite holiday of seeing off winter. Today is the second day, called Lunches.

What will be successful today:

  • unhurried activity;
  • completion of current affairs;
  • good mood and mass celebrations;
  • observance of subordination;
  • trade and long-term deals;
  • communication with the older generation;
  • spiritual development;
  • traveling and walking in the fresh air.

What will scare away luck:

  • selfishness;
  • defective rest and lack of sleep;
  • change of employment;
  • loans and unplanned spending — today there is a high probability of delayed payments, as well as financial difficulties.

Households February 21

Today, everyone continues to celebrate Shrovetide, so you can devote some time to cooking your favorite delicacies — Shrovetide pancakes. You should not engage in heavy domestic work: the passive energy of the day leaves its mark, so it’s better to save power. Those who want to relax should be alone.

The day is favorable for various spiritual practices — they will help to get rid of problems and resolve internal conflicts.

Wardrobe on tuesday

The classic wardrobe of blue shades will help this day to strong-willed people who are used to achieving success. This color has a good effect on mental abilities and allows you to focus on key points. Those who are planning to do current work on this day should pay attention to free-fitting clothing that does not hamper movement.

Natural fabrics are preferred. They absorb the energy of the Earth and provide additional energy. As a talisman today is good to use the ring.

They are able to help in making the right decision, and also attract good luck to the owner.

Business and career today

Today, astrologers recommend making plans for subsequent active work, as well as engage in measured work that does not require large amounts of energy. Real estate transactions, lawsuits and trade are well underway on this day. However, on Tuesday there is also a possibility of delay in financing and payments, so think over all the moves in order not to stay aground.

On February 21, working issues should be solved independently, without asking for help from the authorities — according to the lunar calendar, today is not the best day for communicating with the senior management.

Love and relationships February 21

The energy of the moon is declining and life processes slow down, so it becomes difficult to achieve harmony in relationships. This is due to emotions that are influenced by the earth’s satellite. To make your day well, use your intuition and tact. Careful attention to the words of loved ones, as well as the desire to strengthen relationships will help to achieve the necessary balance.

To find harmony with oneself today, it is good to use meditations that relax and relieve stress.

Lunar Health and Emotions

Tuesday is a rather passive day, which suppresses with its energy. The mood is changeable, so today it is important to be able to overcome negative emotions and stay in a good mood. This will help not only in work, but also in personal relationships.

Throw away unpleasant and sad thoughts to stay in the ranks and successfully complete the planned business. Health on the 25th lunar day is also being tested — in the afternoon, there is a high probability of receiving domestic injuries. Prevent exacerbation of chronic diseases will help useful herbal infusion.

Despite the passive energy, you can make this day joyful and vigorous. It will help in this positive thinking. Remember that our ancestors bequeathed: «He who is sad on Maslenitsa will shed tears all year long.»

Meet the spring and be happy. We wish you good health, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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