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Lunar day today is February 2

Lunar day today is February 2 of the year.

The lunar calendar is based on the analysis of the phases of the moon. He tells you when it is better to start new things, change life for the better, build relationships, plan trips. In other words, it gives the opportunity to adjust the influence of the moon.

Today is a special day, marked by the positive energy of the moon. The lunar calendar recommends using its internal resources to the maximum, because this day will be the best for the whole of February. This is an important day in terms of not only astrology, but also numerology. 02.02 is the mirror date, which can be called the time of special changes in life.

Problems just do not take you by surprise. However, the law of cause and effect can not be circumvented. In our world, everything happens for a reason, everything has some reasons.

And now we will tell about them.

Phase of the Moon: the waning moon is in the sign of the Virgin. Here she feels as comfortable as possible, which means that there will be no special worries from the energy sector. Problems arise only to those who miss their chance of success.

The 17th lunar day is a lucky ticket to a bright future, only inaction can ruin your life.

Magnetic storms: Today, solar activity will be within the normal range. The sun has not caused disturbances in the Earth’s magnetosphere for a long time, so on February 2 everything will be calm.

What will bring good luck:

  • spiritual quest;
  • new beginnings;
  • training;
  • logics;
  • marriage;
  • self improvement.

What will scare away luck:

  • passivity;
  • lack of goals;
  • frivolity.

Housework today

This day would be ideally suited for household duties if it were not so successful for everything else. Today, everyone will have the opportunity to improve their lives on different fronts, so astrologers recommend doing something global. If sprayed on the little things, you can miss something important.

Today’s lunar day is a time of emancipation, liberation from vices and weaknesses, the attainment of inner freedom. You can safely devote all your free time to your loved one, either to yourself or to the most important matters. If the influence of the rest of the signs of the zodiac helps to solve problems in stages, the influence of Virgo covers your whole life, allowing you to easily get rid of everything superfluous and oppressive.

This is the whole Virgin — she sees the decision where no one sees.

Wardrobe 2 February

Do not wear something shapeless today: clothes should emphasize all your virtues or at least hint at them. Abstract prints will have a good effect on energy. It will look great something unique and elegant.

As for the color range, today it is better to choose the colors of precious metals — gold, silver, bronze. Such clothes can be your talisman today. The lunar calendar recommends maintaining the golden mean.

As you might have guessed, gold is the best choice today in almost all directions.

Finance and Career Friday

On such a happy day as this, money will be attracted to people. The motivations to earn them will be enough in abundance, as, incidentally, the desire to spend them. Astrologers advise to invest in long-term perspectives, in impressions, in training. It will still not be possible to force yourself to save finances, therefore, in order not to regret the lost opportunities, you should think about your future.

The material will not bring you emotional saturation, so think a few times before buying yourself another dress or purse. Work on this day is controversial, so do not forget about it: use your professional experience to surprise your superiors, business partners or colleagues.

Lunar love and relationship

Love today is the most important area. Do not postpone attempts to schedule a date, get the partner’s attention, win someone’s heart. Give yourself and your feelings the will, set yourself free, in full, but without fanaticism, of course.

On such days, love will save you from any adversity. If you decide to protect yourself from it, then problems cannot be avoided. Virgo will put pressure on you, forcing you to think rationally.

From such thoughts you should relax, otherwise you will have to worry and analyze your troubles from early morning until late at night.

For family people, the lunar calendar advises concentrating on family life. If there are any reservations with a partner, they are worth discussing. You may think that the waning moon will create favorable conditions for rest, but this is not so.

This is a time of self-improvement, and it should start in the love sphere.

Health and mood on the 17th lunar day

This is a stable and peaceful day for its energy, so there are no visible threats to your mood and health. Of course, there will be those who can fall into depression or get sick, but any apathetic mood today can be defeated by simple communication with close people. As for health, it will just be difficult to bring yourself back to normal, but this does not mean that you need to give up and be sad.

In any case, the stars and the moon are on your side today: they will help you to become stronger in spirit, but the rest is up to you.

Today is a happy day. He will give you inner freedom so that you go against all that is alien to you in this life. Keep this in mind and change it.

Everyone has a chance to beat the trouble, so do not miss them. Get rid of unnecessary anxiety now, so that in the future you will not be bothered by obsessive thoughts. The lunar calendar wishes you a great mood. Successes in everything, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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