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Lunar day today is February 18

Lunar day today February 18th year

Phases of the moon significantly affect our behavior and mood. With the recommendations of the lunar calendar is easier to navigate in a rapidly changing world and successfully realize their potential.

February is rich in special days of power. During such periods, energy flows contribute to the improvement of mental activity, as well as the aggravation of intuitive abilities, which are very important in solving controversial issues. According to the lunar calendar, February 18, the key to success will be maintaining physical health and strengthening the body.

Phase of the Moon: Today, the waning moon is in the constellation Scorpio. It provides additional energy for mental activity and enhances the ability to concentrate. Those who work on weekends are lucky when making deals.

Magnetic storms: Calm environment and the geomagnetic field of the Earth give impetus to active activities. Those who feel a surge of strength and are not subject to headaches, astrologers are advised to begin a cycle of training to strengthen the body. During this period, any undertakings are successful and give quick favorable results.

Holidays today: On February 18, Orthodox Christians celebrate the Universal Parent Meat Sabbath — the day of commemoration of all the departed and of prayers for the remission of sins who now live on earth.

What will be favorable today:

  • vigorous activity;
  • prayers and spiritual enlightenment;
  • visit doctor;
  • transactions;
  • mental work on the collection and analysis of information;
  • solving accumulated tasks and making plans for the next week;
  • timely rest and walks in the fresh air.

What will be harmful:

  • foul language and rudeness;
  • laziness and passivity;
  • the postponement of important matters in the «long box»;
  • incontinence.

Job and Finance by the lunar calendar

Saturday under the influence of Saturn has a favorable energy that helps in learning and assimilating new knowledge. During this period, it will be successful to study new information on a profession, advanced training or additional courses. The knowledge gained will enable you to realize yourself as a valuable specialist and get a well-deserved high position. Today is also an auspicious day for people doing their business: a great chance to make a good deal and become a leader in their niche.

To enhance luck, use the money talisman, which can be done independently.

Household February 18

A day off should be spent in a circle of loved ones to honor the memory of relatives who have left this world. Also going to church and prayers together will be successful. On this day, it is worthwhile to leave household chores and take a break from a busy week of work to gain strength before new worries. If there are no urgent and important activities, use the time for walks in the fresh air.

Activity and desire to learn new things on this day realize through visiting exhibitions, museums, excursions.

Wardrobe 22 lunar day

Given the fact that today is a religious holiday, it is worth stopping the choice on modest clothing made from natural fabrics. Stable in its energy day does not require tricks and tricks, so give preference to everyday things. Ladies will suit elongated skirts that emphasize femininity and inner beauty, and men today will look great in knitted pullovers and classic trousers or jeans with straight cut.

Jewelry is also worth choosing a modest to complement the image of a calm and confident person.

Love and relationship today

The energy of the day allows you to enjoy the relationship and the proximity of the second half. The 22 lunar days are also successful for those who are in search of the second half: new acquaintances will turn out to be very promising. For couples on Saturday night, the lunar calendar recommends visiting relatives.

Family gatherings provide additional energy and boost mood. Young people today should refrain from noisy parties in favor of a quiet evening with close friends or dinner in a cafe.

Health February 18th

Energetically stable day has a positive effect on health. Those who have planned a visit to the doctor today or surgery, the lunar calendar predicts luck and a favorable outcome. On Saturday, moderate physical exertion will return courage and will be a good start for regular workouts.

Changing the diet also has a good effect not only on the physical, but also on emotional health, so a new diet or exclusion from the menu of fatty and salty foods will be a good choice.

Attract good luck and prosperity to your life. Use every day to gain new knowledge and skills. Remember that only your actions depend on well-being and happiness. We wish you all the best, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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