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Lunar day today is February 13

Lunar day today February 13th year

The moon affects not only the level of water in the ocean, but also the atmosphere in the house. The lunar calendar will tell you what matters are favorable on each particular day and what can be expected from Fortune.

Today is 6 lunar day. The moon is in Aries, in the initial phase of growth. Lunar days are characterized by high impulsivity and help to accumulate energy for the accomplishment of new affairs.

What is recommended

— draw up new plans;
— to hold business meetings;
— follow the intuition;
— make new friends.

What is not recommended

— to confront;
— keep track of the little things.

What to do at home

On this lunar day, plan a joint vacation, for example, a trip to the cinema. Making a list of expenses and tasks for the near future will be very useful.

Red and orange tones are the best choice for this day. Do not adhere to absolute rigor in the choice of costume, and to complement any image, use a jewel with a ruby.

Career and work

If on the 6th lunar day new business contacts are necessary, then today will be the most favorable time for them. If a business meeting is scheduled for this lunar day — do not postpone it for tomorrow. You can make a business plan, it will definitely be successful.

Since the Moon is ruled by the Sign of an impulsive Aries, keep emotions under control to avoid confrontations and conflicts.

Love and relationship

There is a rethinking of established relationships. It is very possible that the next stage will begin, which will mark the rapprochement between the lovers.

If the heart is currently not occupied, you can make new acquaintances: the relationship will start quite easily — and, perhaps, not only friendly ones. This is one of the most favorable day for romantic communication and dates.

Health and Emotions

With the growing moon, there is an accumulation of vitality and energy, which is not so much. In the body there will be a feeling of mobilization and activity. The level of emotionality is quite high, and your actions may later turn out to be impulsive.

Be careful to hold scissors in your hands and be careful with fire. The astrological calendar also advises to listen to intuition — it will not deceive.

This lunar day is suitable for new plans and contacts in both personal and work areas. 6 lunar day is one of the most favorable days, so be bolder and act. Refer to the horoscope for the week, be fully armed and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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