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Lunar day today is February 1

Lunar day today is February 1 of the year.

Changes in the phases of the moon often affect the mood of people. To make your every day positive and successful, use the advice of astrologers.

The first day of February, the waning moon will spend in the constellation Leo. This time will be successful for active work on yourself. Astrologers recommend excluding impulsive flashes that a constellation can provoke, otherwise you risk falling out with loved ones or losing some of your savings.

Phase of the Moon: The 16th lunar day will continue until 18:21 Moscow time, and then the 17th lunar day will replace them. This time is quite harmonious. The moon is waning, being in the constellation of Leo, and the day will be perfect for active physical work and redirecting excess energy to a peaceful course.

Magnetic storms: meteorologists do not predict solar activity. The geomagnetic field is in a quiet state, therefore, it is not necessary to worry about the physical state

What will be successful today:

  • positive attitude;
  • activity;
  • attention to details;
  • physical exercise;
  • communication;
  • self control;
  • holding various events.

What will scare away luck:

  • aggression and pressure;
  • impulsive and rash decisions;
  • financial activities;
  • new beginnings that require perseverance and attention.

Finance and Career February 1

On this day, an excess of energy can push to rash decisions, but such activities will not bring good results. The constellation Leo increases impulsiveness and interferes with concentration, which negatively affects hard work. In this regard, astrologers recommend to exclude serious negotiations, transactions, as well as financial transactions. To make the day a success, you should be careful in teamwork.

Avoid conflicts so that your work does not stop due to misunderstandings. The most successful activities today will be all kinds of cultural and mass entertainment, in the organization of which you can take part. This also applies to business experience sharing conferences.

Lunar household chores

A positive attitude should not be overshadowed by the everyday routine, so if you do not have primary tasks, go for a walk in the company of loved ones. Today’s days are more for rest and recuperation than for responsible work. If you still have to do household chores, then focus on physical activity. So you can get rid of excess energy.

The decision to arrange general cleaning will be unsuccessful today: you can start an active struggle for cleanliness, but in the middle you should quit your job, succumbing to negative emotions.

Wardrobe in the 16th and 17th lunar day

Day of rest and positive mood does not imply dark shades. To maintain a great mood, give preference to clothes of bright colors. The day is filled with positive energy, so you should be to match it.

In addition, on Thursday you will have the opportunity to draw attention to your person. Do not be shy and emphasize your strengths with the help of dresses, skirts and trousers. Gold will be suitable as jewelry today, but if you feel frequent mood swings, replace it with gold-plated jewelry, so as not to provoke aggression in yourself.

Health and Emotions Today

Mood swings are possible, since the constellation of Leo gives invigorating power, and the Moon is in a descending phase. To eliminate sadness or anger, astrologers recommend using exercise. Start the day not with an invigorating coffee, but with healthy herbal infusions.

They will also help you wake up, but they will act softer. In addition, with their help, you can restore immunity and forget about seasonal colds. Experts on the site dailyhoro.ru recommend eliminating overeating, which can adversely affect both health and mood.

Instead of heavy snacks, use fruits and vegetables that will give you strength.

Love and relationships on thursday

In love today, lucky everyone who wants it. For those who are in a relationship, it is time for carefree joy and positive. Set aside all household chores to enjoy each other’s company or relax your soul in the company of positive friends.

Solitude is also possible, but avoid uncomfortable topics that can develop into a showdown.

To help singles come their natural charm and charm. Use any available weapon: from clothes to a contagious and charming smile that will help you draw the attention of the person you like. You can also use white plots to help you quickly find your soul mate.

A positive attitude will solve many problems, but the desire to have fun can lead to additional unwanted spending. To avoid financial outflow, do not take large sums of money with you. We wish you good luck in all your endeavors, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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