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Lunar day today is December 7th

Lunar day today is December 7th of the year.

The lunar calendar is a good helper for those who want to achieve success in all spheres of everyday life. Checking with the lunar calendar, you can avoid failures and mistakes.

Today, December 7th is the 26th lunar day, the Moon is waning and is in the zodiac sign Libra, which means an excellent opportunity to show your personal qualities to achieve the best results in all spheres of life.

Career and Finance

You should not wait for help from anyone today, so the first place for everyone on this day should be confidence in yourself and your abilities. This does not mean that everyone around them will try to interfere with negotiating, fulfilling plans or simply sticking sticks in the wheels. But today it’s better to rely on yourself, because only you can help yourself in everything related to work and business relations.

Try to relax and not pay attention to what is Monday. Internal self-confidence, dedication and responsibility are an integral part of success. Your colleagues, in turn, will not mind helping them, but do not overdo it if you decide to become a philanthropist for a while.

They wanted to buy something important, but constantly postponed it for later? Today is the best time to spend money wisely. Proper purchases on this lunar day will be most welcome.

This, of course, is not a reason to squander the family budget, but it’s definitely not worth saving on yourself today.

Personal life and relationships

This lunar day is the best time to clean up your home. It may seem rather difficult to you, but it is better to show strength of will and patience.

Problems with your soulmate are also possible, but it is better not to succumb to the temptation to fight back in disputes. Agree with everything or express your thoughts without fanaticism and vivid emotions. Be calm — and then the differences are likely to lead only to strengthen your relationship in the future.

Health and emotional state

In the morning or after a hard day at work do not be lazy to play sports. This can be a regular run, or going to the gym. Your initiative will positively affect not only the physical, but also the spiritual state.

As in private life — be calm and reasonable.

Today is entirely dependent on you. If there is no opportunity or desire to arrange the load on your body, just occupy yourself with something interesting. It may seem to you that there is no strength to read an interesting book or watch a movie, but this is exactly the perfect ending for the day.

A list of favorable cases for today

  • meeting with old acquaintances;
  • playing sports;
  • solving long-standing problems;
  • conducting transactions and business negotiations.

What is better to refuse

  • manifestation of aggression;
  • rash acts;
  • avoiding responsible decisions.

Today is the very time when you have a great opportunity to win the war with yourself and your own weaknesses. Be strong spiritually — you will succeed, and still do not forget to press buttons and

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