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Lunar day today is December 1st

Lunar day today is December 1st of the year.

Lunar energy has a huge impact on our lives. In order for all undertakings to develop successfully and good luck accompanied you in all matters, you should know what the night light favors. The recommendations of the lunar calendar will help to spend the day with maximum benefit.

The waning moon is in Leo. The 20th day of the lunar calendar has to any activities aimed at self-development, as well as a quiet pastime in the circle of loved ones.

Career and Finance

Any trifle that has gone out of control today can turn into a large-scale problem. To avoid failure, try not to hurry and approach the work thoroughly — it is better to spend more time in the process than subsequently to allow it to eliminate the shortcomings. Attention and responsibility — the key to success in today’s affairs.

On the 20th lunar day try to avoid conflicts in the work team — because of the unstable lunar energy, the risk of misunderstanding and quarrels increases. Any disputes will seriously slow down the workflow and lead to losses for the entire organization and each employee in particular. If you keep emotions under control, then teamwork will be quite productive.

You should be very careful with finances: excessive self-confidence, provoked by the influence of Leo, can push for risky investments and deals. Avoid adventurous projects, and better and completely set aside important cash transactions for a more favorable day.

Love and relationship

Unstable emotional background can lead to conflicts on minor occasions. If you feel that negative emotions are striking over the edge — spend the day in solitude, rest, restore composure — this will help you not only maintain harmony in relationships, but also gain strength for further achievements.

From attending mass and entertainment events should be abandoned. Spend the evening at home in a calm and cozy atmosphere. Warm memories and discussions of interesting topics will help you to strengthen mutual understanding and get even closer.

Do not touch upon problematic topics — making plans for the future and trying to solve any problem today will not lead to anything except a quarrel.

Health and emotional state

The day is favorable for physical activity. Morning exercise and a small physical workout during the day will support the body in good shape and will contribute to the release of negative emotions. Swimming will be of particular benefit on this day.

A solitary walk in the fresh air will help to arrange your thoughts and feelings. If you feel the moral tension, change the trip on public transport for a walk.

What luck will come with

  • Quiet rest
  • Physical exercise
  • Painstaking work

What it is worth refraining

  • Conflicts
  • Financial operations
  • Problem solving

20 lunar day promises to be difficult. Do not let negative emotions get the better of you, believe in the best and appreciate those who are close — then everything will be as good as possible. We wish you a good day, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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