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Lunar day today is December 15th

Lunar day today is December 15th of the year.

Energy pulses permeated the entire universe. Astrologers have proven the influence of lunar energy on human life. The lunar calendar will help in organizing the day in such a way as to attract good luck and avoid negativity.

A waning moon in the constellation of Cancer gives this day stability. Current affairs and plans for the near future succeed today with ease. Astrologers do not recommend lending money and conducting financial transactions.

There is a possibility of delayed return and loss of profits.

Phase of the Moon: 16 lunar days are perfect for those who have planned an update and self-improvement. Freedom from harmful habits under the influence of Jupiter will be easier and without much damage to health.

Magnetic storms: December 15 astrological forecast favorable. The activity of the Sun is at a minimum level, and the Earth’s magnetosphere is not subject to its negative influence.

What will attract luck:

  • getting rid of bad habits;
  • physical activity;
  • self-education;
  • spiritual practices;
  • negotiations and deals.

What will be harmful:

  • financial investments;
  • quarrels and conflicts;
  • self-confidence;
  • failure to promise.

Household December 15

The waning moon reduces activity. In order to maintain the energy balance and not overwork, do not load yourself with several things at once. Unhurried cleaning and preparation for the holidays will lead to a good mood.

Astrologers recommend starting the day with meditation. It will help to bring feelings into balance and successfully implement our plans.

Wardrobe on thursday

Today, lunar energy favors balanced and self-confident people. The strict classical clothes will adjust on working capacity and will attract success. Strict lines will dilute accessories from natural materials.

The metal bracelet will save from the negative and add stamina. Bright details will remind you of the proximity of the New Year holidays and charge with optimism.

Money and career today

The forecast of the lunar calendar for this day is unfavorable for those who are planning to spend large sums or invest them in business. The waning moon blocks the financial flow. On this day, it is better to use rituals to attract money and try not to lend or borrow.

Success in work depends on the ability to restrain. Astrologers advise to listen to the opinion of reputable colleagues and not try to turn away from the team. Joint activities will bring success and give you value in the eyes of others.

Love and relationship

Love energy on this day is felt especially. Good luck will not leave those who plan a date. Attentiveness and responsiveness will bring a relationship to a new level. The energy of the day pacifies and brings lyrical notes to the mood.

Romantic date will contribute to the disclosure of secret feelings and confessions. On this day, couples are recommended to leave the conflicts and enjoy the attention of each other. Talking heart to heart and memories of dates will bring together and give a good mood.

Health in the 16th lunar day

In accordance with the lunar calendar, the Earth’s quiet magnetosphere will not have a significant effect on health. On this day, a charge of cheerfulness will give physical exertion in the fresh air. An excellent help to improve immunity will serve energy drinks from herbs and fruits.

If you are planning a new diet or cleaning the body, this day will be best to start in changing yourself for the better.

Very little time left before the main celebration. Do not miss the opportunity to properly decorate the Christmas tree and attract Fortune to your side. Belief in one’s own strength and potential will help to fulfill the remaining tasks and to celebrate the New Year with peace of mind. All the best to you, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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