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Lunar day today is August 4

Lunar day today is August 4th of the year.

What is moon day today? What undertakings today will go well, and what matters will be put off until later? Find out from the daily lunar calendar for August.

Characteristics of the lunar day of August 4

20 lunar day, the waning moon in Aries. Postpone matters requiring attention and concentration, the Moon in this Sign, carries strong impulses, pushing to rash decisions and risks. Hurried and poorly planned actions will spoil the matter, even a small inaccuracy, can negatively affect the result.

Beware of conflicts and quarrels.

Lunar day it is better to spend alone with yourself, the appearance in public places is fraught with anxiety and incidents. Take care of yourself and enjoy the solitude. Try to clear the mind of all the negative and tune in a positive way.

Waning moon — fruitful time to work on yourself, take a look at your life and think about whether everything suits you. Such thoughts are helpful in making plans for the future. Lunar day is favorable to get rid of bad habits.

The day of the week is Tuesday, the ruler of Mars. Tuesday has a strong energy, which is inherent in all living things. Physical activity and sports, will positively affect your state of mind and will not let emotions turn into rash or aggressive actions.

What matters today will be successful

  • Calm and moderate rest
  • Work on yourself
  • Doing sports
  • Physical work

What is not recommended

  • Parse relationships with loved ones
  • Doing work requiring attentiveness
  • Appear in public places

Today, August 4, is unstable, try to control your actions and emotions, avoid stress. Keep yourself in hand and do not forget to press the buttons and

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