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Lunar day today is August 2

Lunar day today is August 2 of the year.

How will the day today? What matters better to start today, and that astrologers are advised to leave for later? To properly manage time, often look in the lunar calendar.

Characteristic of the lunar day

There comes the 18th day according to the lunar calendar. The Moon is ruled by the Pisces Zodiac. The moon gradually decreases. On this day, there are good lessons related to the arts.

Intuition and imagination are actively working.

The concentration of attention is somewhat weakened, as is the speed of mental activity. Pisces now and then will try to distract from serious affairs with dreams.

18 lunar day — on your life journey there may be difficulties that you did not expect. The day is pretty busy, requiring willful effort, which will be missed.

The phase of the moon is a waning moon. The burst of life energy, manifested in the full moon, is gradually fading away. This time is suitable for self-development or for creative, but not too hard work, in which the accumulated forces should be invested.

On this day, you will probably reap the first fruits of the efforts previously made. Please note that this time is favorable for rapprochement with loved ones and loved ones.

The day of the week is Sunday. Sunday is ruled by the sun. The sun also disposes to an easy, enjoyable activity that does not require large expenditures of physical energy. Work by the sweat of the face should not be.

Sunday is suitable for sharing heat with those around you: the energy that drives life on Earth on this day will be positive.

What matters will be successful

  • family holiday
  • meetings with friends
  • romantic dates
  • intellectual rest, reading books, watching good movies

What is not recommended

  • solve business issues
  • do exhausting physical labor
  • manage large financial investments

The eighteenth lunar day can help you know yourself better, as well as deal with doubts and differences with a partner. It is better not to deal with issues that require your efforts, including intense mental work. Devote Sunday to rest, do only what you really enjoy. And do not forget to press the buttons and

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