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Lunar day today is August 15

Lunar day today is August 15th

What is moon day today? What should you do first of all, and what should be postponed until a more favorable time? Find out from the daily lunar calendar for August.

Today is 2 lunar day. The moon is in an increasing phase, so its energy will help those who are going to start something new. The moon in the constellation Virgo, then the day will be reflected favorably on the future, if you keep everything under control and pay attention to every little thing.

Finance and Career August 15

Today is an auspicious day for work that requires care and diligence. Care and thoroughness will bear fruit. Saturday is influenced by Saturn, which will give a strong impetus to people of mental labor and to all who study.

Lunar day today is good for business in the field of trade and mediation. Financial manipulations should end successfully if you follow the plan. Good luck is waiting for those who are engaged in banking or real estate.

Personal life and relationships

Time to rethink love relationships, in the period of the rising moon. Often partings happen at this time. Try to avoid conflicts and soon your relationship will be able to move to a new level.

Open your heart to love today, and in the future you will have a happy personal life.

Beware of anger, which can also grow on this day. Anger and stinginess can play a cruel joke with you and ruin the relationship you cherish. Show generosity to close people and you will be reciprocated.

Health and Emotional Today

The day is favored by those who decide to think about their health. The beginning of health procedures, active rest and exercise — this is what is good to start this Saturday.

What matters today will be favorable

  • Doing sports
  • Financial manipulation
  • Trade
  • Hard work
  • Making plans for the future
  • Business negotiations

What is not recommended today

  • Postpone the case

Today’s lunar day — August 15, will be favorable and will bring a lot of positive emotions, you just listen to yourself and follow the recommendations of the lunar calendar on the days of the week. Try to do as many things as possible on the growing Moon, and then you can safely think about a pleasant Sunday rest. We wish you good luck and do not forget to press the buttons and

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