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Lunar day today is August 14

Lunar day today is August 14th

Thanks to the knowledge of the moon, it is possible to predict the events of this day with high accuracy. Find out how the capricious Fortune will manage today and what actions the Stars will favor.

Phase of the Moon August 14: On this day, the Moon is strongly influenced by the constellation Capricorn. This day will be positive for a fruitful holiday, quiet and peaceful, which will help you overcome the new week. Already you can find out the nearest forecast from our horoscope.

What will bring good luck today:

  • financial issues;
  • ability to negotiate;
  • distribution of alms;
  • help to relatives;
  • trips and transfers.

What is not desirable today:

  • postpone important matters;
  • increased conflicts and differences;
  • distance violation, especially business;
  • rash beginning of new affairs.

What to do at home today

Relax as your own mood tells you: it is of course very useful to be in nature, but it’s nice to watch movies lying on the sofa. It will be very successful on this day to invite friends to visit or accept someone’s invitation. A little abstract from household chores and worries: it is not at all necessary to bother them all the weekend.

Choice in clothing August 14:

Choose practical and comfortable clothes, but be sure to dress neatly, even in jeans and a T-shirt. Dark colors, such ka black and dark brown, will allow you to enlist the energetics of this day, and with the gold jewelry you need today, they will be combined very well.

Business, money and career August 14:

Do not plan business negotiations today: they will lead to nothing and may lead to conflicts in general. This is not a good day for work, and even more so for making major changes in the workflow. It is better to complete, if necessary, all that is necessary, and rather go home to your loved ones.

Moreover, the financial situation of the horoscope for the next week is quite good.

Love and relationship August 14:

For love relationships, this day is great, especially if we are not talking about fleeting romances. Having spent time together on this day, you will not only strengthen the relationship, but also understand each other better. Perhaps today it will not be possible to quickly impress someone and cause love at first sight.

But dating will be successful, because you will be able to properly present themselves.

Mood and health August 14:

Allocate at least some time for physical exercise. From them there will be not only a positive effect, but also the mood will rise. It is unlikely that you will feel particularly tired now, because the energy is only accumulating.

This means that the risks of falling ill are reduced, and you are able to catch almost everything.

From this day begins the Assumption Lent, so if you are a believer, today you can visit the church in honor of the holiday. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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