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Lunar day today is August 13

Lunar day today is August 13th

What is moon day today? How to spend the day so that it is formed in the best way and favorably affected the fate? Find out from the daily lunar calendar for August.

29 lunar day, the waning moon in Leo. A critical day, vitality and activity decrease, laziness and passivity seize.

Finance and career

The routine work, which does not require activity and important decisions, goes well. Any new projects risk becoming unsuccessful, something new started today may fail and bring a lot of difficulties. Postpone self-realization for later, but for now think about the rest.

Today, the desire to relax and relax is especially strong, so financial manipulations will fail and bring only trouble. The ability to think reasonably and realistically to look at the future is reduced. Set aside important purchases and real estate issues.

Personal life and relationships

Family life is stable, try to preserve this state and not do something silly, there is a risk to succumb to temptation and turn away from the right path. Show love and care towards your soulmate and you will be reciprocated.

New acquaintances can bring only disappointment, be vigilant and do not be fooled.

Health and emotional state

A solitary and relaxing holiday will have a positive impact on both physical and mental state. Reduced activity will greatly affect any activity; do not rely on your physical strength.

The day is under the control of Jupiter and is distinguished by an increase in intuition that is worth relying on when solving problems. Especially considering that logical thinking today will not be a strong point.

What matters today will be favorable

  • Secluded rest
  • Hanging out with family and loved ones
  • Routine work

What is not recommended

  • Make major purchases and investments
  • Financial manipulation
  • Start new projects

Today’s lunar day, August 13, can bring negative emotions, if you do not protect yourself from the annoying work that requires quick and confident action. Time spent alone with yourself will be useful and will allow you to draw important conclusions about your past actions. We wish you good luck and do not forget to press the buttons and

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