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Lunar day today is August 12

Lunar day today is August 12th

Lunar energy greatly affects our mood and luck. The lunar calendar and the advice of astrologers will help to make any day more favorable. August 12, the year is not an exception.

Scorpio came to replace Scorpio. Today is perhaps the most universal day of all this August. Incredible success will be difficult to achieve, but a little luck awaits us in any area of ​​life. The main thing is to have a good mood.

Three simoron rituals for every day will help to raise it.

Phase of the Moon: On August 12, the growing moon will begin to interact with Sagittarius. The 10th lunar day can be very positive and joyful. Keeping up with two hares will not work, but many cases will get good support from the stars and the moon.

What will bring good luck on August 12

  • abstract thinking;
  • legal matters;
  • financial affairs;
  • travel, travel, travel;
  • creation;
  • made wishes to a shooting star.

What will scare away good luck on August 12

  • building;
  • problems with law;
  • solitude, depression;
  • self-digging and samoedism.

Home affairs on the 10th lunar day

Absolutely any household chores today will be very helpful. Try to make the relocation of furniture on Feng Shui, to create favorable conditions for the circulation of positive energy through the house or apartment. Invite guests, get rid of trash, cook, clean, iron — the main thing that you like it.

What to wear on the 10th lunar day

Any clothing that is free and emphasizes your outlook will help you find soul mates. It will well reflect on the effective search for the second half. In short, be yourself and do not experiment on this day. It is better not to lie to yourself.

The best talisman for today is amber. He will reveal to you all the secrets and mask your flaws in the eyes of others.

Business, Finance and Lunar Career

In business, success is waiting for everyone who can trust in intuition. Of course, completely blindly following the voice of the heart is not worth it, but it will be better than not listening to it at all. Money today will fly away like candy wrappers if you cannot restrain yourself, so remember about saving.

With regard to career growth, in this regard, you will help the correct prioritization.

Lunar love and relationship

In the love of many people waiting for luck. Astrologers say it is better to be yourself and not try to pretend. Do not be afraid to make new acquaintances and do not be discouraged if the person you like does not reciprocate, because he may become useful in business or business.

Lunar Health and Emotions

Today, it is not your actions that will determine your emotions and mood, but, on the contrary, your mood will build good luck in deeds, love and money. Your condition will depend only on how you want to feel.

Specialists in astrology, psychology and predictions say that our thoughts and actions build the world around us. Study our article on the 7 Laws of the Universe, which will help you to follow your dream, and not to bury it halfway to success. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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