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Lunar day today is August 11

Lunar day today is August 11th

The energy and phase of the moon is constantly changing. The lunar calendar will help you tune in to the right wave and gain confidence in yourself, and astrologers’ tips will tell you how to bypass the difficulties and activate internal resources.

It will be a rather dangerous day, and the main problems may begin in the period of solving the most important tasks. Plots of luck before an important event will help you gain confidence and success in business.

Phase of the Moon: today the moon will be updated. This is the time of the New Moon. Leo constellation will reward the moon with a destructive beginning and negative energy that can infect everyone with a bad mood.

Magnetic storm August 11: The sun today will not be dangerous, so even meteo-dependent people can safely plan their day for their health.

Important events August 11: On the day of the partial solar eclipse in Leo, astrologers and experts at the site dailyhoro.ru advise not to tackle the most complex creative affairs.

What will attract success today

  • physical work;
  • change, easy change of scenery;
  • spiritual quest;

What will scare away luck

  • blindly following intuition;
  • non-standard problem solving;
  • impulsive decisions;
  • inaction.

Lunar household chores

Today, due to a solar eclipse, all household chores that require dexterity, handwork and physical expenses can be successfully completed. The beginning of the repair is favorable, but its planning is recommended to be postponed. New Moon does not give you the energy to achieve ambitious goals, so at home it is better to do something monotonous and worked out to automatism.

Positively on the energy of the house may affect the rearrangement of furniture, as well as the purchase of small, but noticeable and important accessories.

Wardrobe on this lunar day

Leo is an emotional Sign of the Zodiac, focused on high wealth and position in society. This means that today it is better to dress as beautifully and tastefully as possible. It is important not only how you are dressed, but also why exactly this or that outfit is chosen.

If you are the center of attention, you should be dressed with a needle. Today, people will appreciate you, so stay tuned. Until the autumn is still long, so for now it is better not to include yellow and red tones in the image

From jewelry you can choose bronze and platinum products. The best stones-mascots for today are tiger eye and agate.

Finance and Affairs August 11

A solar eclipse will mean that creativity will fall. If your work is related to intellectual activity, it is better to trust what you see, and not what you feel. Intuition can let you down, because the Moon will cause the Sun to recede into the background a little.

Avoid spontaneity in shopping and at work — serious monetary losses are possible.

Work that requires physical strength and perseverance can be successful. Avoid short-term impulses and impulsiveness in decision making. If you fall out the opportunity to go on a business trip, then use it.

Lunar love and relationship

In love affairs today, luck will await you if you are in search of the second half. People who have long been together, it is better to give each other more free space. It is likely that you will want to check your loved one for loyalty.

It is better not to do this if you value your relationship.

People today may be touchy and proud, so it’s better not to offend those who are prone to drama, to ignore the negative, and in disputes to be flexible and willing to understand someone else’s position or at least pretend to understand it. Good luck will be with you if you learn to praise people at the right time and very diplomatically indicate to them their shortcomings.

Mood and health today

From an emotional point of view, the day will be like a roller coaster — up and down. Passivity will deprive you of motivation, and excessive activity can cost good luck. The golden mean is the perfect way out of such a difficult situation. Those who can abstract from problems will feel good.

Health problems are not expected, but if you manage to find more time to rest, it is better that it be active. Go hiking, to the country, take a walk or go to the pool.

In the evening, astrologers recommend using meditation for a good sleep. If this is not done, there is a chance that the dream will be restless and ineffective. Be sure to ventilate the room before that. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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