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Lunar day today is August 1

Lunar day today is August 1st of the year.

What is moon day today? What it is worth undertaking today to make the day have a successful and favorable effect on fate? In what undertakings will success await you, and what matters is better to postpone for later?

Find out from the daily lunar calendar for August.

Characteristics of the lunar day of August 1

17 lunar day, waning moon in the sign Aquarius. Good time for social activities, all kinds of meetings and conferences will be successful. But you shouldn’t apply to state structures.

Engage in mental work and realize yourself as a creative person. Learning everything new and unknown will have a positive effect on your future.

17 lunar day — your energy is in full swing, and your state of mind is beautiful. Favorable time to find yourself, try to understand what you want and start to act. This day is worth doing personal life.

Waning moon — during this period it is worth trying something new and looking at things from a different angle. Try to start changing life for the better, this applies to both work and personal relationships.

Summarize the previous stages of life and assess the situation. The energy of the waning moon will contribute to realistic thoughts and help draw the right conclusions. Based on this, make plans for the future and confidently go to your goal.

Day of the week — Saturday, the planet-ruler Saturn. Good day for all people engaged in mental activity and students. Heavy and strong energy will contribute to the enhanced work of the brain.

On Saturday, you should collect your thoughts and solve the accumulated problems and try to look into the future.

What matters today will be successful

  • Social work
  • Business negotiations
  • Device privacy
  • Training, mental activity

What is not recommended

  • Contact state authorities

Today is a lunar day, August 1, an auspicious day, which will bring a lot of positive and positive emotions, you just have to tune in a major way and try to get rid of all the negative. We wish you good luck and do not forget to press the buttons and

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