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Lunar day today is April 6

Lunar day today April 6th

The lunar calendar will help you prioritize today correctly. Do not underestimate the advice of astrologers, because they help objectively assess the situation every day.

The growing moon is a good helper for anyone who wants to succeed in something. Today will be a very dynamic and auspicious day, which many have been waiting for so long. Strive to ensure that all important things are completed today, and everything else is planned a couple of days in advance.

Phase of the Moon: Today is the 20th lunar day. This is the last of the three days of Sagittarius influence. Harmony and order are what will lead you today while the moon grows.

Magnetic storms on April 6: magnetic activity is not expected today, so the health problems of meteosensitive people will not.

Important events today: the Orthodox world meets Great Friday. Before Easter there is very little time.

What will bring luck today:

  • solving the most pressing problems;
  • planning;
  • steadfastness, self-confidence;
  • fulfillment of earlier promises;
  • moderate labor, quiet work.

What will deter success today:

  • doubts;
  • laziness;
  • overwork;
  • risks.

Lunar household chores

Home affairs today are at the same level of importance as financial, business and work affairs. At home you can and even need to restore order, because a lot will depend on the home environment and cleanliness. This is true not only for housewives, but also for those who work at home. This is a great day to buy new furniture, to update the interior.

Inaction Sagittarius will not forgive you. At home, spiritual practices will also be very important.

What to wear on April 6

Put on something red today. This is not the best day for provocations, but this color will push you to action and increase self-confidence. To forget that today you should be the first in everything, you should not.

The championship will be expressed not so much in the results, as in the process of performing tasks of increased importance. As accessories today it is better to use gold jewelry. The best stones-talismans — chrysolite, jasper, aventurine.

Finance, work and business on the 20th lunar day

Work boldly if you need to solve some problem. It is on such days as today that the saying “made a deal — walk boldly” works. Do not give up things because of the little things that other people can decide themselves.

Do not mix love and work, but do not choose one thing today. Finding a balance will not be easy, but those who seek will always find it. Your confidence will be the source of success.

Everything you need to get good from this world and the people you get.

Focus not on the beginning, but on the end. The above-mentioned favorable planning should take place only after the resolution of all problems. If you mix it up in places, then a stir will begin in your life.

It will be incredibly difficult to bring everything back to normal for the next 5-7 days. Work, spend money, plan things, but do not sit idle.

Love and relationship today

Perhaps today people will be able to grasp the secrets of love. This is not as important as the desire to share this knowledge with those who are truly dear to you. Do not sacrifice work for love and love for work. Today, try to be close to those you love, but do not forget about their responsibilities.

In this regard, the day can be very difficult, since many people will be torn between the desire to help loved ones and solve business problems.

Keep your promises to loved ones so as not to destroy trust. Today it will be especially important. If you want harmony and happiness, you will have to keep your word and do what they promised.

Mood and health according to the lunar calendar

All that will happen today is not by chance. Even if you are disappointed in something or someone, know that this Universe wants to put you on the true path, to help you overcome all adversity. You will have a lot of reasons to start doubting the need for your work, your thoughts and desires, but these stars will only play with you while listening to the Moon. Do not be distracted by such thoughts.

Now you need steadfastness, willpower.

As for food, it is worth choosing the right diet today. Include more apples and fruits with vitamin C. Drink less coffee and in no case use energy drinks, as well as alcohol.

It will be a great day for action, not for delay. Be a man of action: do not think too long, but do it. Otherwise, you will be in doubt.

Then you can do the work on the bugs. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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