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Lunar day today is April 4

Lunar day today April 4th year

The lunar energy often helps us to achieve certain goals. Using the daily lunar calendar is much easier to plan your day.

The growing moon increases the vital energy that provokes us to active actions. However, the impulsiveness inherent in this period can be a serious obstacle to success. Use proven techniques that help you stay in tune with yourself and cope with emotions.

Do not forget that you can and can not be done on the growing moon.

Phase of the Moon: today is 9 lunar day. The moon is in the constellation of Cancer. At this time, the growth of vital energy continues and activity increases.

Magnetic storms: according to forecasts of meteorologists, weak solar wind activity continues today. A slight impact on the Earth’s magnetosphere is still capable of delivering some discomfort, so meteosensitive people should take measures to protect against negative effects.

What will be successful today:

  • housework;
  • meditation practices;
  • quiet methodical work;
  • physical exercise;
  • business trips and trips;
  • personal relationships;
  • pre-planned vigorous activities and the resolution of complex issues.

What will be harmful:

  • overconfidence;
  • unreasonable approach to spending;
  • powerful emotions;
  • careless handling of fire and sharp objects — today there is a high risk of domestic injury.

Finance and Career April 4

On this day, the increased vital energy and the influence of Mars allow you to develop a hectic activity. However, if you have not planned large-scale events in advance, it is better to devote time to resolving current issues. On Tuesday, any previously postponed tasks can be successfully completed.

To avoid misunderstandings in the team, it is necessary to restrain emotions and suppress the desire to express their opinions on any occasion. In financial terms, problems await those who thoughtlessly manage their money. Astrologers recommend refraining from borrowing large sums — there is a high probability of delay in payments.

What to wear on tuesday

The stable energy of the moon and the influence of the zodiac Cancer provide an opportunity to experiment with appearance. To cheer yourself up, you should use shades of yellow and orange. Those who plan to solve important issues, it is better to give preference to the classic wardrobe. It will not distract from work and will help to concentrate on the essence of the problem.

Businessmen and owners of their own business will not prevent a talisman that attracts good luck in the work.

Lunar household chores

Tuesday is the most auspicious day for household chores. Increased energy helps to cope with deferred earlier concerns. In order to stabilize the internal state, it is useful to engage in practices aimed at harmonizing the internal energy.

During the growth of the moon increases the propensity for bursts of emotion, so you need to monitor their condition and try to restrain negative impulses. Also, astrologers warn of a high probability of receiving household injuries — be careful when using knives and working with fire.

Health and Emotions Today

Increased impulsiveness and emotional sensitivity in this period dictates its own rules of behavior, so you should be more attentive to others. It will only benefit you and save you from conflict situations. To improve mood and bring emotions in order to help aromatic oils, and to avoid the blues, you can with the help of physical exertion and exercises that increase the tone of the body.

Love and relationship

In general, Tuesday is successful for active actions on the personal front. The positive energy of the moon makes it possible to begin the search for the second half and to approach the expression of your feelings and emotions in an original way. Couples will be useful to diversify their pastime and make a small trip or walk. Careful attention should be paid to the feelings and emotions of a partner: on April 4, an unstable emotional background can cause discord.

So that luck does not turn away from you, use proven amulets that attract the attention of the opposite sex.

April 4 on energy is suitable for action and rapid decisions. If you can cope with emotions and calmly fulfill the planned, success will not take long. We wish you a great mood, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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