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Lunar day today is April 3rd

Lunar day today April 3

What will be the date of this day and how it will affect relationships and health, you will be prompted by the lunar calendar for today. You can learn all about the phase of the moon and what promises success.

Phase of the Moon: the descending phase continues. On the 26th lunar day, the moon will be in the constellation of Aquarius, which will contribute to mental activity. The day is well suited for reading popular science literature and obtaining new knowledge.

What will bring good luck:

  • socializing with friends;
  • holding conferences;
  • introduction of new technologies;
  • political activity;
  • self-development and self-knowledge.

What is not desirable to do:

What to wear today

Bright warm shades will not only remind you of the spring and the Sun that has begun, but will also lift your spirits. If you think that yellow and red are not for you, then give preference to blue: it will help you find harmony within yourself.

What to do at home

Whatever household chores you decide to do, everything will only benefit, and most importantly, it will not take too much force. Call for help from home so that cleaning does not take too much time. Delight the children and take them to the zoo or to the rides.

Lunar love and relationship

Starting a new relationship is not worth it. But if you have already found your love, then you have a fun time to rest. Spend this day together as you like: in nature, at a party, in your favorite cafe or watching movies.

There is no need to give much attention to the whims and quarrels. It is also good to spend this day in the company of friends, unwind and just chat.

Career and Finance by the lunar calendar

On the 26th lunar day, astrologers do not recommend doing any hard work or starting new projects. It is better to postpone to a later time. Nevertheless, under the influence of Aquarius, political activities are going well and real estate issues are being addressed favorably.

Health and Finance by the lunar calendar

Not bad on this lunar day to walk around the city or in the company of a pleasant person, or alone. Vital energy is reduced, so you need to wisely pick up exercises and not give all the best at work. Emotionally, some instability may appear.

Look in the lunar calendar daily to know exactly the whims of fate. Have a nice day, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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