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Lunar day today is April 23

Lunar day today is April 23

Thanks to lunar energy, we can quickly achieve our goals and influence the course of events. The daily lunar calendar helps to see the situation from different angles and understand the best way to proceed.

The moon is a great helper in carrying out monetary rituals and conspiracies. With such support, you can attract abundance and happiness in your life.

Phase of the Moon: today the heavenly body is in a descending phase. 27 lunar days fall under the influence of the constellation Pisces, which will inspire even the most ordinary things and find a non-standard approach to solving problems.

Magnetic storms: a rather strong magnetic storm is expected on this day, therefore, weather-sensitive people are advised not to take active steps and to stay at home if possible.

What will bring luck today:

  • original ideas;
  • introduction of new technologies;
  • help to relatives;
  • organization of entertainment events;
  • real estate investment.

What is not recommended:

  • succumb to a negative mood;
  • to give up;
  • drink alcohol in large quantities;
  • participate in gossip and intrigue.

Wardrobe in the 27th lunar day

Today it is best not to make bright accents in clothes. This can deprive you of the energy that is worth spending on achieving your goals. The classic look will be a great solution: it will give you confidence and attract success.

Households April 23

Share household chores with someone close to you, because otherwise it will take you a lot of time and require large energy costs. Today it is better to focus on more important things. Well, if you have no one to delegate cleaning, then schedule it for another day.

Finance and career on the lunar calendar

In the work, the lunar calendar recommends not to entrust important affairs to someone else: this is due to the high probability of making a mistake, which can become critical. Try to control all the work being done or do it yourself.

When concluding important transactions, pay attention not only to what is written in the contract, but also to the behavior of future partners. This moment is especially important today: if the person himself is unpleasant to you, then it is better to refuse such cooperation at the initial stage.

Love and relationship today

This day is favorable for the manifestation of a romantic mood in any form. Your emotions and fantasy can surprise the other half and rekindle feelings with a new power. Arrange a romantic walk under the Moon or present a long-awaited gift.

Those who are in search of their love, the lunar calendar recommends to visit an interesting event, where you can not only sit at a table, but also talk on general topics. So you will get new acquaintances, which can later grow into something more.

Health and Emotions

If your health is highly dependent on solar activity, then prepare for this in advance and do not plan too vigorous activity. Spend this time in a relaxed atmosphere or visit a massage therapist to help you relax.

Today can be quite fruitful if you begin to act and apply the laws of the universe. After all, thanks to them you can find harmony and happiness in the shortest possible time. The lunar calendar wishes you a positive, new victories, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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