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Lunar day today is April 22

Lunar day today April 22

Unpredictable energy of the moon can significantly affect our plans and desires. To avoid trouble, use the recommendations of the daily lunar calendar. It reflects the main recommendations, following which you do not miss the opportunity.

The rather strong position of the Moon on April 22 will not only have a tangible effect on emotions, but also divert consciousness into the world of illusions, making it difficult to concentrate. Today is designed for easy work, rest and getting new positive emotions.

Phase of the Moon: 26 lunar days will pass under the influence of the zodiac Pisces. The moon is in a decreasing phase, gradually reducing the amount of energy.

Magnetic storms: The sun is relatively calm, so do not have to fear its negative impact. However, a strong magnetic storm is expected the next day. Weather-sensitive people can already feel its impact, so you should take precautions for your health in advance.

What will be successful today:

  • unhurried activity;
  • rest and enjoyment of art objects;
  • drawing up a work plan;
  • creative activities;
  • housework;
  • investment of money.

What to avoid:

  • aggression;
  • thoughtless affairs;
  • unplanned financial expenses;
  • vigorous activity and labor associated with increased brain activity;
  • clarify the relationship.

Finance and career today

On Saturday, it is important to adhere to a predetermined strategy. This behavior will not knock you out of the rut and will allow you to complete current affairs. It is not necessary at this time to engage in responsible matters that require calculations and increased attention.

Routine and monotonous activity will save energy and provide an opportunity to avoid annoying mistakes. Things are good with investment, but beware of adventurous operations. For people with creative abilities today comes a productive period: the energy of the zodiac Pisces favors the realization of creative potential.

Saturday household chores

According to the lunar calendar, this day is very good for housekeeping. Previously deferred cases require your attention, so do not shelve what you can do today. Rearrangement of furniture for more comfortable sensations and improvement of circulation of positive energy flows will be a good start. In the evening, relaxation and relaxation procedures will help relieve tension and enjoy.

You can take a bath with your favorite oils, sign up for a massage or go in for art craft.

Wardrobe April 22

Today, the constellation Pisces dominates the emotions. In this regard, it is worth using clothes that are somehow connected with the water element. Light flowing fabrics emphasize femininity, and the rich blue color of a business suit will make you take responsible decisions.

You should not get involved in bright ornaments — during this period limit yourself to products from organic matter: an elegant pearl necklace or earrings, pearl and other accessories of a water theme.

Love and relationship on the 26th lunar day

In the period of the waning moon, people become more susceptible to words, more often take offense and are prone to a decadent mood. Therefore, active meetings and communication should be postponed to a more successful time. Couples today need to come to a mutual agreement, otherwise the chance of quarrels and a showdown will increase. Love and romance can be interrupted due to misunderstanding partner.

In business communication you should trust only trusted people who will not pay attention to your statements, knowing your character from and to. With new partners and colleagues, astrologers recommend keeping a distance and not translate business relationships into personal ones.

Lunar Health and Emotions

April 22 is a good day for light physical exercises aimed at suppressing negative and decadent emotions. Also today, to improve morale is useful yoga. They will balance the internal energy and increase the body’s resistance to seasonal and chronic diseases. In the period of the waning moon, domestic injuries are quite common.

Astrologers recommend carefully using sharp objects and exercise caution when working with electricity.

Every day you should start with your favorite activities, drinks and positive thoughts. So you can avoid mood swings and tune in to the positive. Become successful in personal and business relationships, you can use whispers for good luck. We wish you all the best, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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