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Lunar day today is April 21

Lunar day today is April 21

The abilities of the moon are great. She can become the first assistant in heart affairs and career, and can deliver great trouble. With the lunar calendar for each day, you will be able to properly organize your activities in order to prevent mistakes and mistakes.

On April 21, astrologers recommend limiting communication with unpleasant people and spending time in solitude. This period is rather passive and dangerous with unexpected surges of emotions. Today it is worth to devote yourself to current affairs, to balance internal energy and to avoid large expenditures of energy.

Phase of the Moon: 25 lunar day night light will spend in the constellation of Aquarius. The waning moon affects people, slowing down their activity.

Magnetic storms: Astrologers predict a calm day. A small respite between the aggressive solar effects on the Earth’s magnetosphere makes it possible to take a break and prepare for the coming strong storm.

Holidays today: Orthodox Christians celebrate the Day of the Mother of God Icon «Life-Giving Source.»

What will be successful today:

  • adjusted monotonous production;
  • cases that do not require large energy costs;
  • privacy;
  • fight with bad mood and laziness;
  • meditations aimed at finding sources of positive energy;
  • organization and preparation of meetings and conferences.

What will be harmful:

  • impulsive impulses;
  • desire to get involved in a dispute or conflict situation;
  • great mental and physical exertion.

Career and Finance Friday

The strong influence of Venus, the patron saint of this day, inspires creativity. On this day, cases related to artistic trends will be successful. People have the opportunity to show their talents. On Friday, getting new knowledge and mental work will allow you to look at your work from a different angle and outline ways for further career growth.

In connection with the waning lunar energy, responsible financial affairs should be postponed for a more favorable time. The same applies to rash and unplanned spending — astrologers warn of the possibility of staying aground.

Wardrobe April 21

Attract success today with the help of recommendations of Feng Shui. Competent choice of clothes will allow you to focus on the important and successfully implement the planned. For those who are holding business meetings today, a rich blue color will do.

With a lack of cheerfulness and optimism, you should pay attention to green and orange shades. As an accessory, the jewelry, selected in accordance with your Zodiac sign, is best suited.

Lunar household chores

Friday under the influence of Venus gives people a sense of beauty, which favors small changes in the interior of the house: for example, the acquisition of new beautiful objects of decor. Today, harmony is a very important part of the activity, so bring one more piece of comfort into your home. Astrologers recommend devoting time and internal growth — with the help of meditative practices and solitude, you can achieve internal balance.

Health and Emotions on the 25th lunar day

The waning moon contributes to the exacerbation of all sorts of chronic diseases, so be careful about the signals of your body. On Friday, excessive impulsiveness and nervousness affect your mood, so for comfort, use meditation and other means of relaxation. Appeasement can also be achieved with the help of timely rest and occupation of your favorite hobby.

Be careful when handling sharp objects — today there is a high probability of getting a household injury.

Love and relationship today

April 21 is a passive day, which is worth spending alone or with like-minded people. Avoid any conflict situations so as not to become a hostage to your own emotions. From the search for a new romantic relationship should be abandoned for the same reason.

Impatience and irritation when meeting is not the best strategy. It will be very successful to be engaged in the search for creative ideas together with a person whom you fully trust. Your common cause will help improve your mood and maximize your abilities in the chosen field.

Today will require maximum caution: emotional instability can cause a lot of trouble, so self-control will be necessary. Try to spend this day as calmly as possible to avoid negative consequences. You can relax and relieve stress with the help of aromatic and essential oils. We wish you good luck and internal balance, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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