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Lunar day today is April 1st

Lunar day today April 1

The moon and the stars not only illuminate the sky, but are also able to help in any business with their energy. Following the recommendations of the lunar calendar, you can cope with the task much faster and more efficiently.

April 1, the Moon will be in a phase of decay and aging. 24 lunar days at this time closely interact with the Constellation Capricorn and help clarify any situation.

What will bring success today:

  • Negotiation;
  • creation of comfortable working conditions;
  • frank conversation with the soulmate;
  • investment of funds in the banking sector;
  • healthy food.

What is not recommended:

  • give promises that you can not fulfill;
  • refuse to perform their duties;
  • spend a long time in solitude;
  • lead a passive lifestyle;
  • indulge in a bad mood and feel sorry for yourself.

What to do at home

On April 1, dedicate yourself and your body to care. Households can be moved to another day and, if necessary, only brush off dust in some places. The rest can wait, because you also need care, so relax and pamper yourself with a fragrant bath and massage.

Choice in clothes

Today, luck will bring any clothes in bright colors. Eliminate black and dark shades from your image, they will draw out your energy, and in the evening you can simply remain exhausted.

Business, money and career

This lunar day is well suited for solving complex issues and resolving conflict situations. Be open and honest in talking with your partners and then you will achieve your goal, and the profit will exceed all your expectations.

Try not to make rash purchases and not acquire things in a fit of passion. If you like a particular product, do not immediately run to the checkout. Give yourself some time to think.

Then you can understand whether you really need a new dress.

Love and relationship

Do not try to hide your feelings from your other half, be sincere with it. This is the only way you can understand what is happening between you and find the right solution.

For those who are still searching for love, the lunar calendar recommends recalling their old acquaintances and friends. In an attempt to find something new, you may miss your chance for the love that is under your nose.

Health and Emotions

Today you can make a discharge and take a decoction of various herbs. This will lead to inner harmony and purification of the body as a whole. Such a physical condition can improve immunity and your energy level.

Any transactions will be successful on April 1, if you only have a clear idea of ​​what exactly you want. The astrological calendar wishes you good luck in all your endeavors, smiles, positive, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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