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Lunar day today is April 15th

Lunar day today is April 15th

The moon can interfere with your plans with your energy influence. To prevent this from happening, you should know whether today’s harmony will be harmonious and what will be the lunar impact on you.

Lunar energy can be used for your own benefit, to protect yourself from the troubles of life and attract success. Get rid of everything unnecessary with the help of rituals and conspiracies on the waning moon. And remember that, knowing the negative influence of the moon, you can always defend against it on your own.

Phase of the Moon: Today is the 19th lunar day, which will help to see the world in the abstract, cross borders and make new discoveries for yourself. The waning moon is in the constellation Sagittarius and provides an opportunity to take a step forward.

Magnetic storms April 15: The magnetosphere at 19 lunar days is calm and does not give you trouble. The activity of the Sun fell to a minimum value, which favorably affects the emotional and physical state.

What will bring good luck today:

  • travel and business trips;
  • moral cleansing;
  • release from bad habits;
  • creation;
  • the beginning of the novel;
  • cash investments and large purchases.

What will be harmful:

  • marriage;
  • laziness and passive lifestyle;
  • repairs and land related matters;
  • emotional overload.

Lunar household chores

Today is an unfavorable time for construction work, so it is advisable to postpone the repair scheduled for this day: there is a risk of injury. Ahead of Easter, so spend your energy on preparations for the festival. All household chores should be completed before Sunday — April 15, you have enough strength to cope with this. But to visit entertainment centers is not recommended, it is better to devote time to spiritual growth and deliverance from negative thoughts.

Saturday — a day of rest and recuperation.

What to wear on April 15

It is advisable not to experiment in the choice of colors, but if the soul craves for bright colors, then satisfy this little whim. Clothing blue and blue colors can improve mood and give confidence. The talisman, which can be made with your own hands, will help to emphasize the image, and it will bring good luck not only on this day, but also on everyone else.

Today, give preference to iron: even a small part of this metal can attract success.

Finance and career on the 19th lunar day

On Saturday, it is better to take a break from work days. Summarize your work. Analytical thinking today works «with a bang,» so you will be able to see the root of the problem and the way to solve it.

If a business trip falls on this day, then expect a reward soon: it is able to pass without difficulty and bring you closer to success.

With partnerships it is worth to wait, today is an unfavorable time for making deals. There is a possibility that invested efforts or funds will not bring the expected result. The lunar calendar recommends making plans for the upcoming week and going to the store only with a list of necessary products, otherwise there is a risk to spend a lot of money on unnecessary things.

Love and relationship today

In love affairs, a peak of romantic mood is observed: whether it is spring that makes itself felt, or the Moon gives a favorable influence on the personal sphere of life. Lonely people have a chance to try their luck and find a soul mate that can later become a chosen one or chosen one.

But couples who wanted to seal their union today marriage, it is better to treat the organization of the celebration carefully. It may not go the way you would like, and deliver unnecessary trouble. Regarding relationships with people, you have the opportunity to unravel ambiguous connections, to understand who is friend and who is envious.

However, on April 15 it is better not to lie: all the lies will come out to you sideways, and it has long been known that everything secret becomes clear.

Health and Mood April 15

On this day, you should not postpone the planned visit to a health specialist, otherwise you risk only sharpen everything. However, courage and excellent psychological well-being will allow you to live this day actively and dynamically. Today is a great time to give up bad habits: if you have not been able to decide on a healthy lifestyle for a long time, then do not miss the opportunity when the planets are ready for it.

But with the outlook there may be some difficulties: in the 19th lunar day, sharp rises and falls of the emotional state are expected. People around you may be tired of such bright flashes, and even you yourself may be swayed by this ride with mood swings, as if on a roller coaster. Try meditation classes or yoga as an assistant to protect yourself from negative experiences and settle harmony in your soul.

Today is able to help improve your material condition, bring success and bring love, but it depends not only on the influence of the moon, but also on your own participation. Do not feel sorry for the forces that today will be enough, but for complete confidence in your attention rituals to attract good luck. The lunar calendar wishes you a great mood, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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