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Lunar day today is April 13

Lunar day today is April 13th

What is moon day today? What good will it bring, and what recommendations of astrologers should I listen to in order to successfully plan your day?

Characteristics of the lunar day April 13

Today is the 24th lunar day, the waning moon in Aquarius. An ideal time to attend events and organizing activities. Special luck will be with those who are waiting for public speaking today. Favorable day for creative activity, mental work, training and self-education.

Bad day to communicate with the authorities and government agencies.

24 lunar day — neutral time, characterized by passivity. You should not start something new, it is better to complete the previously started business. The day is good for treatment, wellness and conception.

Waning moon. It is desirable to reduce physical exertion. It is also recommended to communicate with people more tactfully, since this is a time of emotional instability, when one can easily provoke a conflict.

Today is Monday, the ruler of the day is the moon. Be prepared for the fact that good luck will alternate with troubles and problems. The day is unstable and fussy.

It is better not to make responsible decisions, to promise something and rely on others.

What matters today will be successful

  • Public performance.

What is not recommended today

  • Communicate with government agencies and superiors, to discuss serious issues.
  • Make important decisions.

Today’s lunar day, April 13 of the year, recommends that the lunar calendar be held in a familiar atmosphere and with positive thoughts in your head. It is better to transfer all important matters and fateful decisions to a better day. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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