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Lunar day today is April 12

Lunar day today is April 12th

The lunar energy is changeable and unpredictable. To make this day more favorable, use the advice of the lunar calendar. So you can succeed in any of the spheres of life, making a minimum of effort.

In addition to the advice of astrologers, try not to forget that at every moment of your life the laws of the Universe work. When you live by these laws, you attract goodness, good luck, good mood into your life. If you live in accordance with these laws of the universe, then the lunar calendar will help you doubly.

Phase of the moon: today is the 16th lunar day. This means that the moon decreases the first day after the Full Moon. Astrologers call such periods very favorable, because the Moon shares on its own, generously giving away all that it has accumulated earlier.

A stay of the moon in Scorpio will only improve the situation.

Magnetic storms April 12: today everything is more than calm. The sun will not attack the magnetic field of the Earth, therefore, physical and moral health can not worry again.

What will bring luck today:

  • collective work;
  • making important decisions;
  • demanding of oneself;
  • real assessment of what is happening;
  • new affairs;
  • physical exercise.

What will scare away good luck on April 12:

  • excessive emotions, negative;
  • privacy;
  • aggression;
  • indifference.

Housework in the 16th lunar day

At home today you can do what you want, but only under one important condition — avoid loneliness. Unfortunately, on days like this, excessive self-cognition can lead to depression. Surround yourself with cheerful, kind, sympathetic people. Be yourself so as not to scare away luck.

Receive guests, arrange small holidays, and also do what will bring you pleasure and pleasure. Take everything from life, even at home.

What to wear on the 16th lunar day

Astrologers advise to choose between red and turquoise or blue. Red clothes or accessories will be able to compensate for the lack of strength, but for some people they may cause an oversupply. If you feel strong, it is better to wear something blue, turquoise or green.

Of the talismans today, the best will be the tiger eye and gold jewelry of a round shape — spherical earrings, rings and the like.

Finance, work and business today

The main thing — do not wave your hand at important things. Indifference provokes serious problems, and not all of them will be obvious. Aggressive behavior also does not bring you luck in money and work, because this way you will push away from you the main source of potential luck — people.

Carry light and good into this world, and also be an important part of society. Do not be afraid to work in a team, do not be afraid to make momentous and serious decisions, but be strict realists. Dream today is not worth it.

Love and relationship April 12

In love, everything will be similar to finances and work. Indifference will give rise to indifference, exactly as aggressive behavior is a negative response. You will quarrel with your loved ones — they will answer you with the same coin. You should not risk and turn your world into a hot spot of hostilities.

Today will be a wonderful day in order to arrange romantic meetings, and on the same day. Raising relationships to a new level may not be as easy as we would like, but finding love will be much easier. The main thing is not to forget about diplomacy and the power of desires.

Set yourself difficult goals so that the minimum goals are achieved by themselves.

Health and mood today

Nothing will threaten health today, but it is worth seriously considering whether you need to resort to serious stress. The only situation where physical activity and sport will be relevant is stress. Do not splash out negative on other people, but kill it with workouts, work.

The same applies to spiritual experiences.

Thoughts are material — remember this. No one can be happy if he thinks otherwise. Adjust your thoughts in the right way.

Make yourself believe that everything will be fine. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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