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Lunar day today is April 11th

Lunar day today is April 11th

How the energy of the night star will affect us today can be found in the lunar calendar for April 11. With it, you can build the best strategy for behavior, as well as attract good luck and well-being into your life.

On Tuesday, the New Moon will bring confusion into the emotional background, so you should bring your feelings in order beforehand. To change the mood did not prevent the execution of the planned, use the meditation on the opening of the chakras. This exercise will help to achieve harmony and set up an activity and a good mood.

Phase of the Moon: Full moon will happen on the 15th lunar day. The moon will reach the highest point of growth in the constellation Libra. During this period, every person is strongly influenced, there is disharmony with the outside world, fussiness and nervous excitement.

Magnetic storms: Sun activity is normal today, and the Earth’s geomagnetic field will not be significantly affected.

Holidays today: Orthodox Christians celebrate Great Tuesday, the second day of Holy Week before Easter.

What will bring luck today:

  • meditation practices;
  • purposeful activity;
  • feasible physical exertion;
  • scheduled financial transactions;
  • search for the second half;
  • business cooperation subject to full understanding.

What will be harmful:

  • nerve strain;
  • creating conflict situations;
  • reckless and rash decisions;
  • strong emotional stress.

Finance and career on Tuesday

Today, the influence of Mars helps to achieve success energetically strong and active people. Fulfillment of previously scheduled cases will develop successfully. Favorable business cooperation to achieve common goals, but subject to the absence of differences.

On Tuesday, it becomes easier to achieve financial stability, but for this you need to plan your actions in advance. Astrologers recommend today to refrain from disputes and to conduct a calm measured work, which does not require large emotional costs.

Wardrobe in the 15th lunar day

Zodiacal Libra and their influence implies a classic wardrobe. Calm tones and strict clothes are able to balance the unstable internal energy for the successful completion of cases. Today it is worth using charms that attract good luck, so that problems that arise can be solved easily and not make you nervous and make hasty decisions.

Lunar household chores

Today is a good day for housekeeping. A sufficient amount of energy and the desire to act will give the opportunity to closely engage in previously postponed cases. Also today, a good undertaking will be the reception of guests and abstract conversations on various topics.

The support of loved ones will return a positive attitude that will positively affect the mood.

Mood and health today

In the Full Moon, there is a peak of emotional instability; therefore, it is necessary to take timely measures to harmonize the inner world. On this difficult day, various meditation practices and positive attitudes will be successful. Today, any quarrels, conflicts and disagreements are contraindicated. On Tuesday, there is a high probability of exacerbation of chronic and nervous diseases, deterioration of healing of injuries and wounds is observed.

On this day, you should carefully monitor your condition and carefully handle sharp objects and hot liquids.

Love and relationship April 11

Due to the burst of energy, the day is successful for actively searching for the second half, but frequent mood changes and flashes of emotions can make the process difficult. If you do not feel confident in your actions, it is worthwhile to postpone an important step for a quieter time. If you can stabilize your emotional background, all kinds of personal and business meetings will be quite successful.

The energy of the Full Moon enhances the effectiveness of rituals for money and luck, so today there is an opportunity to accelerate the process of their enrichment. Be attentive to the little things, and this day will bring you extremely positive emotions. We wish you happiness, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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