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Lunar day today is 15 June

Lunar day today is June 15th

What is moon day today? What good will it bring to us and what recommendations of astrologers to follow to avoid failures? Find out in the daily lunar calendar for June.

Characteristics of the lunar day June 15

Today is the 28th lunar day, the waning moon in Gemini. This is a day of quick and vigorous affairs. You should not engage in any one routine activity, as there will always be a desire to distract something.

Favorable time for learning, thinking and working with information. Successfully will be financial transactions and operations.

28 lunar day — successful for all daily activities — from shopping to repair. Probably weakening of health and exacerbation of chronic diseases. When making an important decision, astrologers recommend to listen to the advice of colleagues or loved ones.

The waning moon in the fourth phase — for this period of time is characterized by the weakening of energy. You should not start a new business, it is better to complete the current processes. It is recommended to avoid heavy physical exertion and conflict situations.

The day of the week is Monday, the ruler of the day is the Moon. Be prepared for success to alternate with setbacks. On this day, everything can become unstable and relative.

What matters will bring good luck

  • Financial transactions and transactions.

What is not recommended

  • Make spontaneous purchases.
  • Conflict and sort things out.

Today’s lunar day, June 15, should be devoted to quick and minor matters. You should not take on something large-scale. Pay special attention to your own health. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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