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Lunar day today — February 28

Lunar day today — February 28 of the year

What is moon day today — learn on the characteristics of the lunar day March 28 year.

Characteristic of the lunar day

Today is the 11th lunar day, the growing moon in Cancer. The day is favorable for unhurried and calm activities. Today, it will be easy to work out monotonous streamlined work.

Good results can give cases related to jurisprudence.

Adverse day for taking loans. It is also not recommended to lend money — they may delay the return of the debt or not return it at all.

11 lunar day today, February 28 is one of the most energetically strong days in the lunar calendar. Any undertakings acquire a special impetus for implementation. Also today, luck will turn trips and travel.

Growing Moon today will give strength and energy. Will be useful physical activity, sports. During the day there will be increased emotionality. Astrologers advise to restrain negative emotions, especially in communicating with other people — conflicts are possible, and from scratch.

The day is traumatic, so be careful driving, at work and when in contact with household appliances.

Today is Saturday, the planet ruler of this day — Saturn. Today, negotiations, planning activities, and esoteric practices will be successful.

Lunar day today: what matters will bring success

  • Solving legal issues.
  • Monotonous work.
  • Any beginnings and vigorous activity.
  • Trips and travel.
  • Planning activities.
  • Physical exertion and classroom.

Lunar day today: what is not recommended

  • Give and borrow.
  • Find out the relationship and swear.
  • You should also be careful driving and in contact with the equipment — the day bears injuries.

Today’s lunar day, February 28 of the year, was created in order to begin to implement ideas and to complete the work already begun. Everything will turn out well, if you follow the mood of this day — slow pace and inner calm. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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