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Lunar day today — February 26

Lunar day today — February 26 of the year

What is moon day today? What impact will the moon have on spheres of life today? Learn about all this in our lunar calendar for every day.

Characteristic of the lunar day

Today is the 9th lunar day, the growing Moon in Gemini, the “last quarter” phase. This is a time of quick and energetic affairs. Today, you can safely take up a few cases — you will have time for everything.

It is not necessary to undertake that which requires concentration of attention and perseverance. Also routine monotonous work will advance badly — there is a chance that you will not be able to concentrate and will be constantly distracted by something. Today, mental activity is increasing — the day is good for learning and learning new knowledge.

9 lunar day today carries negative energy. In the lunar calendar, these lunar days are called critical. Be prepared for deceptions, illusions and flattery.

The day is emotionally unstable, so astrologers recommend restraining negative emotions and not looking for conflicts.

Despite this, the moon in the first quarter today opens the way for undertakings. Any business started with the growth of the moon acquires an additional impetus for development.

Today Thursday, the planet-ruler of this day is Jupiter. Today it will be easy to address issues related to work and business. Jupiter energizes those who start something.

Lunar day today: what matters will be successful

  • Intellectual activity.
  • Study
  • Work with information.
  • Start new affairs.

Lunar day today: what is not recommended

  • Take up the routine work.
  • Get involved in disputes and conflicts.
  • Sort things out.

Lunar day today, February 26 of the year, has to new beginnings and vigorous activity. It’s also time to deal with unresolved issues and make plans for the future. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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