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Lunar day is today September 14th

Lunar day today is September 14th

The energy of the moon is inconstant. Every day it changes in view of the fact that the lunar energy depends on many factors. The lunar calendar will tell about what awaits us on September 14, and how to make this day more favorable.

14 day will be very powerful in terms of energy, so you will not need to resort to using special techniques to raise the mood of energy. Today, for most people, things will go like clockwork. Beware only of your own prejudices.

Phase of the Moon: September 14 is the second day of the influence of Aquarius. The 13th lunar day will be extremely favorable for any turbulent activity. The growing moon will support you in this.

Magnetic storms: September 14, magnetic storms are not expected. The sun will be as calm as possible, so any physical exertion will bring minimal harm and maximum benefit.

What will bring good luck on September 14

  • intellectual work;
  • creativity, hobby;
  • training;
  • meetings;

What will scare away good luck on September 14

  • long-term planning;
  • leadership problems;
  • unfinished business.

Important events of September 14

Today, people celebrate the New Year — the day when the church calendar is updated, and the holidays begin their new round. This is a kind of Christian new year.

Home affairs on the 13th lunar day

For dynamic household chores or for pursuing your favorite hobby today will be a great time. The only thing astrologers advise to pay attention to is completeness. If you decide to do a general cleaning, it is better to finish it.

The fact is that any unfinished business in the future will cause you a lot of trouble.

What to wear on the 13th lunar day

Today will be a good day in order to earn the credibility of the people around them. May contribute to this the right choice of clothing. It should be as different from other people as possible.

This will help you red and black. The best jewelery is gold and rhinestone. Rhinestone can be worn as talismans or put on as an amulet.

Finance, career and lunar affairs

Extremely negative on the finances will reflect the affairs that you start today, but do not finish. In addition, astrologers advise not to plan anything for the distant future. These plans, unfortunately, will not be realized.

Concentrate on current issues and responsibilities.

The greatest success in the work will have representatives of the intellectual professions. Very well, you can take refresher courses and just training. With regard to cash issues, then you should not be afraid of expensive acquisitions.

Cash receipts and good fortune await those who will be generous.

Lunar love and relationship

In love today, as in work, the ability to lead is important. Show yourself as a leader if you are self-righteous. For example, if you know how to spend the upcoming evening with the second half, then take the initiative. If your thoughts do not attend.

Then allow yourself to go with the flow, holding the shoulders of a loved one.

Especially pleasant will be romantic dates in unusual situations — on the roof, in nature. Experiment more and feel free to interact with your imagination. If you can make an impression on someone you like today, this will have very good consequences for the development of relationships.

There will be no second chance.

Emotions and health according to the lunar calendar

Emotional stability today awaits those who clearly see their goals and follow their desires. Health will be threatened only by overwork, which it is better not to allow, for the energy will beat the key in the morning, but by evening the energy will gradually decrease. Try to solve all your business today, not postponing anything for later.

Read our conspiracies on the growing moon to increase your chances of success in all areas of life. We wish you good luck and success in everything. Be happy on this lunar day and do not forget to press buttons and

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