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Lunar day is September 11th

Lunar day today is September 11th

What is moon day today? What to do in the first place, and what things should be postponed to avoid failure? Find out from the daily lunar calendar for September.

On Friday, the waning moon will be influenced by the Lion Sign. The 28th lunar day will be harmonious and will not cause any special difficulties.

Finance and career

Domestic affairs succeed especially well, both minor points and solving major problems, for example, related to the repair or sale of property. At work it is best to rely on intuition, then the workflow will be different performance. This will happen thanks to the strong influence of Venus, which patronizes Friday.

On the last day of working days, you should not take on operations with money. Solving financial issues, there is a risk to make a serious mistake and to pay a lot for their mistake.

Personal life and relationships

Any joint occupation with the second half will be useful and will have a positive impact on the relationship in the future. On this day, a peace-loving atmosphere will reign in pairs, and any conversation on a long-disturbing topic will turn out well. You will be able to pour out your soul before your chosen one and confess that you have been hiding for a long time

On Friday, you can get rid of loneliness, if you show yourself as an infinitely kind and disinterested person. Having shown your best qualities, you will definitely like a person important to you.

Health and emotional state

There may be minor health complications associated with diseases of previous days. In all other respects, stability is expected. In terms of emotions, there will also come a balanced state.

What matters today will be favorable

  • Solving household problems
  • Pastime with your loved one
  • New acquaintances
  • Socializing with friends

What is not recommended

  • Borrow finance

Today’s lunar day, September 11, will be stable, which will favorably affect the emotional mood of each person. Astrologers advise to establish interpersonal contacts, make new friends and expand the circle of communication. Wish you good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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