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Lunar day is March 1st

Lunar day today is March 1st of the year.

The lunar calendar is a source of important information for those who wish to turn the energy of the moon into their good. Every day you can find some loopholes in order to transform the negative into positive energy.

Today is an auspicious day for energy recovery. Today, astrologers advise all people to start moving forward, not forgetting that we all need the right support. In order to maintain high performance and good mood, it is necessary to strengthen not only physical health, but also the energy field.

Phase of the Moon: The 14th lunar day is the last day before the Full Moon in March. Today, the growing moon will be in the sign of the Virgin. The combination of this will be incredibly positive, because the moon has almost no strength to resist the favorable energy of the stars.

Magnetic storms March 1: Today there are no prerequisites for the emergence of a magnetic storm, because there will be no solar wind at all. This is a very peaceful day.

What will bring luck today:

  • work, physical and intellectual work;
  • new affairs;
  • courage;
  • exercise, walking;
  • solving serious problems.

What will scare away good luck on this day:

  • inaction;
  • despondency;
  • privacy.

Lunar household chores

At home you can safely engage in sports, work. You can devote most of the time cleaning. If you feel that you need to work more, you can do important things in the evening instead of rest, but don’t spend too much energy on it.

If you get tired during the day, the problems of rest will not be solved. Take care of the simplest and least energy-intensive cases. Doing nothing at home is a big mistake today, especially for housewives.

At home it is better not to lose heart and not to do anything above the norm. Solve immediate problems and do not be afraid to resort to non-standard solutions. This may be your salvation.

Act on inspiration.

What to wear on March 1

Since today it is important to learn how to work with information, it is better to wear something blue, purple or blue. Black color also helps to focus. Jewelry and patterns on clothes today must be the correct form.

Avoid writing on clothing, as well as the provocative style in general. People may take it wrong.

From talismans it is better to leave only metals. Stones today will be useless for the most part, although they will not bear a negative effect. You can use them as decorations.

Of metals, it is better to give preference to zirconium, because it helps others better to tune in to the right way, to avoid stress and problems.

Finance, business, work on the 14th lunar day

It should start doing what you have long been postponed to the far box. Stop waiting for the weather at the sea — it’s time to act, and very decisively. Inaction is your most terrible enemy today. For everything to go well in the financial sphere and the affairs of the workers, you just need to get down to business.

Suppose you do not have any necessary resources, but the main thing is to start. Desire will determine the outcome of almost any business.

Focus on solving complex problems that cannot be put off until later. Absolutely everything will have some meaning, so follow the signs of money. Every little thing can be very important.

Inattentive people will suffer from a lack of information that may be the key to solving important issues.

Love and relationship today

This is the perfect day to search for the second half. Today, both dating and first dates will be excellent, so flirt and earn yourself points. Love does not tolerate delay.

If you want to be happy, then today is the first step to take. Use any opportunity to your advantage, especially in love. The dynamics and courage will help you to feel the magic of this day.

It is important to stay all the time with people that you like. This is the main secret of success today. Health problems can also recede for a while, if you take yourself pleasant conversations with loved ones.

Whatever happens, do not try to get out of troubles alone. Trust those who truly love you.

Mood and health according to the lunar calendar

In general, it will be a very harmonious day, as the weak Moon, which gave almost all its strength, will be in the Sign of the Virgin. Today everything will be much nicer than yesterday or ever in the foreseeable past. Of course, the day will not be devoid of problems, which is quite expected, but these troubles will be easy to overcome. Many problems will begin with physical ailments.

Headaches and ailments are possible.

Rest and relaxation will not help to restore the previous state and return at least some of the forces. That is why you will need to spend them very carefully. Perhaps the appearance of sadness, negative thoughts.

Your fears may come back with a new force. There will be only one way to get rid of this — to do light physical exertion. Be more often on the street to prevent energy stagnation.

Good luck will be with you today, because the Moon and Virgo constellation can be a great alliance. You will be able to become richer in financial and spiritual terms, because the experience gained today can replace any money and resources. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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