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Lunar day is March 13

Lunar day today is March 13th year

The moon gives us the feeling that we are not alone in this universe. She has her own aura, which affects our luck and mood. The lunar calendar will tell you how to make March 13 more favorable.

Phase of the moon: Today the moon continues its growth, and is also under the strongest influence of Taurus. This 6th lunar day will be one of the most favorable of March. Today, many people have a sharpened sixth sense and intuition.

What will bring good luck on this day

  • dating;
  • financial affairs;
  • perseverance, zeal;
  • planning;
  • intellectual, mental work.

What can deprive you of luck

  • laziness and inaction;
  • physical exhaustion;
  • following the advice of others;
  • complexes and the search for their own shortcomings;
  • deviation from the intended course.


At home on March 13 it is better not to be at all. Avoid any household chores and concerns, work, meet people, go to the theater, cinema or restaurants. The influence of Taurus will pull you into the hassle of household chores, but by putting efforts in other areas you will achieve more.

How to dress today

Today, the bright colors of any spectrum will positively affect your energetics. The best choice would be lime, orange, and turquoise and blue. For accessories, it is better to choose dark colors — the contrast is today in high esteem.

Hit everyone and decide to look stunning.

Love and relationship

March 13 in love, we are waiting for only positive emotions, as well as peace of mind. On the 6th lunar day, fateful acquaintances and meetings will be superb. Try to pay attention to your relatives, call those who are waiting for this from you.

Give your attention to all who deserve it.

Business, money and career

Of course, you shouldn’t spend every last penny, but purchases today will bring not only satisfaction, but also good luck. Somewhere you can even try to take a chance, for example, to offer your boss to raise your salary or play the lottery by placing a small amount.

Mood and Health

The mood today will be very stable, but only moderate exercise will help you to improve your health. Do not go too far on this lunar day, because physical fatigue will knock you out of a rut. Health will not be shaken even by intoxicating drinks, although the measure is also better to know.

In such a positive and successful day, it is a sin to sit at home — be as active as possible in everything, so as not to miss your chance for luck and happiness. For more information on how to attract success, read the solar calendar for March 13th. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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