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Lunar day is July 10th

Lunar day today is July 10th

What is moon day today? To start something new or to surrender to the calm flow of life? Find out about this in the daily lunar calendar for July.

Characteristic of the lunar day

Today is the 24th lunar day, the waning moon in Taurus. Today is a great day to deal with financial issues. On this day, boldly implement your plans related to investments and you will succeed.

Solve the problem with your property and real estate. In parallel, this is a great day to relax. Perhaps the best option for you to stay home and have a quiet family dinner.

24 lunar day — neutral and calm day. Try to avoid conflicts today, serious quarrels will primarily affect you. A good time to complete what has been started, you should not take on a new and unknown, most likely you will not achieve the desired result and only be disappointed in your own ideas.

Also today it would be good to think about health, go on foot more and breathe fresh air, perhaps you should visit a doctor.

Waning moon — it’s time to take stock. This time is distinguished by tranquility and passivity, perhaps you should simply surrender to the hands of fate and not take important decisions. For the realization of new ideas, the beginning of the subsequent lunar month is much more suitable.

Do not forget that the waning moon is exactly the time when people are most vulnerable, try not to spoil relations with your family, friends and colleagues.

Day of the week — Friday, the planet — the ruler of Venus, the patroness of women. Great time to relax, take time yourself first and not try to do away with all things. Get ready for the next work day and get rid of all unnecessary.

What matters today will be successful

Financial issues
Cash investments
Family holidays
The publication

What is not recommended

Contact with the boss
Implementation of new ideas

Today’s lunar day, July 10, is characterized as a good time to resolve financial issues, as well as a passive day, excellent for relaxing. Do not try to cope with all the work today and finish important tasks. Be attentive to your loved ones, remember how easy it is to offend a person, and do not forget to press buttons and

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