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Lunar day is April 9th

Lunar day today is April 9th

What is moon day today? What impact will the moon have on spheres of life and what do astrologers recommend? Find out in the daily lunar calendar for April of the year.

Characteristic of the lunar day of April 9

Today is the 20th lunar day, the waning moon in Sagittarius. Favorable day to resolve legal issues, contact the authorities. All bureaucratic affairs will be given easily. Day of creative rise.

You should not seriously engage in what requires logical thinking and analysis.

20 lunar day today It will be successful for esoteric practices and self-improvement. The lunar calendar for the year of April recommends spending more time alone, with your thoughts. You should not visit noisy and crowded places.

Waning moon this day will promote internal cleansing. On this lunar day, it is good to get rid of bad habits, unnecessary relationships, negative thoughts. An ideal day for debriefing and romantic dates.

Day of the week — Thursday the ruler of the day is Jupiter. The planet will patronize determined and courageous people, mainly in the business sphere. Jupiter is called the planet of luck, so today anyone can grab their share of luck in any business.

What matters will be successful

  • Creative activity.

What is not recommended

  • Attend events and crowded places.
  • Take up business that requires a logical and thoughtful approach.
  • Get involved in disputes and conflicts.

Today’s lunar day, April 9, the astrologers advise to spend actively and productively. In the morning it is important to finish all your business that requires urgent solutions. The evening is recommended to spend in a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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