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In July, the longest lunar eclipse in the 21st century will occur.

In July, the longest lunar eclipse in the 21st century will occur.

Lunar eclipses are quite dangerous events in terms of astrology. In July of the year, the longest of them for this century will occur. The advice of astrologers will help you not to suffer a fiasco in love and finances.

The eclipse is scheduled for July 27th. This is a rather dangerous day, but not only because the sun will overwhelm the moon. On the same day, the great opposition of Mars will take place, which occurs every 15 years.

Thus, it will be a day that unites in itself two whole negative events.

Features of the coming eclipse

On July 27, the Moon at the time of the eclipse will be in the Sign of Aquarius, the Sun will remain in Leo. This combination is not the best way can affect the luck, as well as the state of health.

The most important astronomical feature is the duration of an eclipse at 103 minutes. This is the longest eclipse of the 21st century. Observers will be able to see the eclipse practically all over the world. It will be best seen in Africa and Indonesia.

In Europe and the European part of Russia, it will occur at approximately 23 hours 20 minutes Moscow time. All the eastern hemisphere will be able to enjoy the view of the red moon.

In addition to the red moon, another red star will appear in the sky — this is Mars, which will pass at the closest point to Earth in the last 15 years. It is better to observe it with a telescope, although under normal visibility and weather conditions it will be very clearly visible with the naked eye. But do not be discouraged if you do not see it on the 27th, because for most of August it will be perfectly visible in the south-east direction.

Not without reason, we focus on Mars, because the Sun and Mars will greatly enhance each other on July 27. The extremely powerful Sun will more strongly suppress the positive abilities of the Moon and raise its negative beginnings. This day can turn life upside down and confuse all the cards even in a well-planned party.

The impact of eclipses on love and relationships

The love sphere of life may suffer the most on July 27th. A lunar eclipse in Aquarius will make people more selfish and unprincipled. The Sun in Leo, enhanced by the confrontation with Mars, will make this day totally unsuitable for dating and dating. For others, the level of indifference to your person can increase.

The same thing can happen to you, so it’s best not to give in to the desire to go on your own way alone.

Stretch your loved one a helping hand when it is difficult for him or her. Maintain any conversations and let us complain to you, maybe even cry in the waistcoat. Try to resist the desires that are contrary to the philosophy of love.

On such days you need to go against the current, go beyond your comfort zone.

It will be very important to learn to forgive people on July 27th. On this day various nonsense, rash acts can be committed. You should not conceal a grudge against those who are dear to you, only because of one offense, one mistake.

Try to wait for the next day to allow your loved one to explain, to justify himself in front of you.

Separately, a few words should be said about jealousy and aggression. If a person is both jealous and evil, you should stay away from him. If your second half is prone to jealousy, to possessiveness and manipulation, then on July 27 it is better not to give reason to doubt your loyalty.

Finance and business in this lunar eclipse

Try not to rush things on the 27th. Beware of laziness and idleness. Astrologers and specialists at the site dailyhoro.ru recommend at work to devote more time to solving their own problems and responsibilities.

Be demanding of yourself, then everything will remain in its place.

Do not do something for their own benefit. All good deeds will come back to you — rest assured. It is possible that this is the best day for disinterested help to others. Do not demand anything in return if someone asks for help.

Do not be afraid to lose some time and money for the sake of someone’s happiness. So you earn respect among colleagues and friends, and help will pay off in the future.

Mood and Health July 27

The total lunar eclipse in Aquarius is the time when grievances bring maximum problems. Today it is necessary to forgive people, but to think objectively. This is a day of realists and optimists, because these people will have the least problems with health and mood.

The most powerful opposition of Mars and the Sun, as well as the depression of the Moon will lead to serious negative consequences for all those prone to depression and apathy. Nervous tension and experiences can make you give up everything that is expensive. There is a chance to leave a favorite thing simply because at this stage something is not working.

In the future, you will have to regret the initiative that was thrown halfway through.

Envy can seriously spoil the mood, because today unpredictable luck can descend upon people around absolutely unexpectedly: someone will become richer or meet a loved one. Do not give in to negative emotions, because in an eclipse negative feelings amplify many times. Try to develop your talents and not think about the people around you.

As for physical and intellectual activity, then on the 27th one can safely visit gyms, swimming pools, and go jogging. It will be useful to all that helps you to abstract from problems and troubles. Do not abuse alcohol in the eclipse of the moon.

Harmful food can also cause harm, because the body is not properly protected.

Be mentally prepared for a difficult day, because with high expectations it is hard to admit that everything goes wrong. Beware of incorrect prioritization and energy vampires around, avoid wasting time and hypocrites. On such days, a person must be perfect from a moral point of view. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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