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Growing and declining moon in November

Growing and decreasing moon in November of the year

The moon in November, as at any other time, will take a very important role in the formation of the fate of people. The lunar calendar will show you the right path to true happiness and luck.

As always, periods of growth and decrease will alternate, but each month the advice of astrologers is different, for star zodiacal constellations still play a big role. It happens that planning does not help to do everything you want and everything you need. It is very important to know what each particular day will be, and not a whole period.

For this there is a daily lunar calendar. Tips presented in the calendar will help each person to build their day correctly.

Growing Moon in November

The rise of the moon falls on the period from November 1 to 13. Repeated growth will begin on the very last day of the month — Wednesday 30 numbers. The goal of the rising moon is simple — it accumulates its energy and helps people do it.

It is difficult to say which period is better, growth or decrease, but one thing can be noticed for sure — each phase has its own characteristics, which is why it is necessary to properly formulate your plans.

When the moon grows, people are more active than when the moon wanes. From 1 to 13 November can be more do sport, as the muscles will grow faster. The reverse process will be in fat, as they are much faster burned with proper distribution of loads.

Demanding maximum activity better to plan for early November so that the energy of the moon helps you. Implement conceived earlier. Spontaneity will not mean a deliberate loss, because in the period ahead of the Full Moon, you can not be afraid of unplanned cases and problems.

At this time, even those ideas that seem incredible, are often on the shoulder, because the most important thing is learn to win in my head. Sowing the seed of success, you will reap the first fruits in the fall.

Concerning November 30th, the last day of the month and part-time the first day of moon growth after the New Moon, then on this day you can try to begin to replenish the reserves of forces for the next period of growth. You can also visit the hairdresser to correct or even completely change the hairstyle, as the hair during the growth of the moon is always well tolerated by any impact. They can be dyed, permed, and exposed to various substances for fixation without fear.

From 1 to 13 November and the 30th day, all of the above will be favorable, so try to plan things for this period in proportion to your free time and in proportion to your needs. The most important thing in November is not to be idle.

As for the negative sides of the growing Moon, then it is important to remember about the sudden outbursts and about going wild emotions as such. It is very difficult to change it even in yourself, not to mention the people around you, so just be prepared for the fact that the beginning of November will be very nervous. Keep yourself in balance so as not to lose luck for the entire period of growth of the lunar disk.

Astrologers say that the upcoming period will be especially unpredictable, since the moon interacts with such signs of the Zodiac as Sagittarius, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius and Aries. If you do not want your office or your own home to become a place of military conflict, then try to exercise a little more patience than usual. And stop the attempts of others to break at you, to release a negative or to cry too long in a vest.

The period of growth will end Full moon on November 14. This is the very peak of energy. Full Moon Day will be held under the auspices of Taurus.

Buddhist meditations will help you to keep your balance; they will lead you into a world of harmony and tranquility.

Waning Moon in November

From November 15 to 28, the Moon will decrease. In November, this period will be very positive, since astrologers do not predict “bad” days at all. In general, the waning moon is sometimes a much more pleasant period than the growth phase.

These days it is possible and even necessary to complete everything that you started in early November. Almost all signs of the zodiac that fall on the waning moon, that is, in the second half of the month, are positive. They are in perfect harmony with the moon, so there is nothing to fear.

Beware of only large overloads that can lead to depletion. This is especially true of the beginning of the period. If, for example, you lose your strength on November 15, 16, 17, then on the other days you will have much less chances to succeed in work, deeds and even love.

Lead measured way of life and do not abuse alcohol at least until November 26th. Astrologers report that thanks to Scorpio at the end of November is possible temporary surge of vitality. Use this for your own purposes to deal with duties and debts.

To enter a period of growth beginning on November 30 is worth of debts and unresolved problems, so a truly favorable activity for the waning Moon will be the solution of these very cases.

Deserves a separate discussion New Moon November 29. The dynamic Sagittarius will help not only to plan things efficiently during the growth phase of the moon, but also to suggest ways to solve emergency problems. The ease of consciousness will open up new paths for you in your search for success.

It will be a very positive day for looking for love or bringing existing relationships to a higher level.

The waning moon in November can be your friend. If you just want to take a break from everything, then clear your mind and free your soul from everything. It is unlikely that someone will disturb you in relaxation and rest.

Think about what you want to do during growth.

On the Descending Moon you can do simple creative work in your home, for example, treat yourself to culinary experiments. To replenish your stamina, we advise you 7 autumn dishes to increase energy. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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