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February New Moon

New Moon in February of the year

Each moon phase is important in its own way. The new moon renews the energy of a person, helping him to attract the desired and get rid of the unnecessary. He has both pros and cons.

The new moon in February is especially important. It acquires particular importance if it falls on the last days, for the approach of March personifies the new stage, the renewal of energy, the restructuring of the organism. Many say that February is the most depressive month, but this is not always the case.

A lot depends on how you spend the New Moon.

Features of the coming New Moon

In February, the New Moon will be the 26th. It will pass under the auspices of Pisces. Astrologers say that this is a very good Zodiac sign for such a special day.

Fish always live illusions. This Sign is the patron saint of all the subtle natures, artists, writers, musicians, and simply those who live by feelings, not by logic.

It will be a good day to prepare for the first days of March and to finish the winter period correctly. This day in the lunar calendar is marked as one of the most productive, though the least active in the whole month. Naturally, the emphasis should be placed precisely on the spiritual sphere of life.

Finance, career, business February 26

Suspend vigorous activity in these areas. Of course, if you are not afraid of difficulties, you can try to get ahead in the race for promotion, but this can completely deprive you of strength.

In any case, if you want to succeed in something, you will have to give everything to the full extent, and it’s far from the fact that everything will work out for you. February 26, the energy of the universe will be weak, but constructive. Very lucky those whose work is related to creativity.

It will be a very productive day for you, since you can reconsider your views on familiar things.

Money in this New Moon can be spent, but only with the mind. Invest finances in your own development, then it will be very useful.

Love and relationship

In love this New Moon will be able to give you a helping hand. Outdated relationships can get a new life. February 26 is better to spend as much time with your loved one. If you are alone and are looking for love, then do not miss the chance to meet someone.

In this New Moon, people will surprisingly be easier to make contact, so that open personalities will have luck in love.

As for relationships with people in general, do not forget that on this Sunday there will be a small war with each other inside of us, so try not to tell people about their shortcomings. Do not exorcise them and do not teach life, if you do not want to be hated.

Mood and Health

Health problems are possible in the coming New Moon. Do not overdo it and try not to produce large loads on the body. Do not drink alcohol or overeat February 26th.

It is likely that the mood will «jump», but this is not a reason to get upset. Yes, the day may seem difficult, but true happiness is getting an important life experience. New Moon can give it.

Success on New Moon is not a mountain of money, a rich sex life and a good mood. This is, first of all, getting new information, restructuring the mood. This is a day when you can and even need to become a different person. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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