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Workshop on love spell: a brief guide

Magic requires a serious and cautious march to conduct ceremonies of any kind. And love spells are no exception.

Therefore, it is important to study the spell workshop before conducting the love spell.

Workshop on love spell: a brief guide

Love spell can be carried out in different situations. Many try to find love with magic or to charm the man they like.

And for others, the actual issue is the return of the spouse or spouse to the family. There are cases when a person performs a spell out of a sense of revenge, which is certainly very dangerous and threaten with unpredictable consequences.

But whatever goals were set during the ceremony, it should be remembered that any ritual should be carried out in accordance with the rules and recommendations.

It is very important to understand that the love spell will be effective only if you have strong love feelings in your soul towards your chosen one or chosen one. You must be sure that you are ready to live with a beloved person for life and fully accept it with all the advantages and disadvantages.

In any other approach, the ritual will not be effective and may harm not only the victim of the love spell, but also directly to you, as the performer of the ceremony.

As a rule, all love spells should be carried out in the period of the rising moon. Along with the growth of the night luminary after the ceremony, the feelings of partners will grow and strengthen. But at the same time, it follows that another time may be provided for holding black omens.

Thus, love spells using monthly blood can be carried out at any time, regardless of the phase of the moon. It should be remembered that the black magic spells are not recommended on their own, as they are very dangerous.

For many love spells of white magic, the day of the magical action is important. So, if the impact is directed at a man, then the ritual is held on the men’s day: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. If the goal is to attract a loved one, then it is better to perform the rite in one of the women’s days: Wednesday, Friday or Saturday.

On Sunday, carrying out the bewitching rituals is not recommended, with very few exceptions, when the energy directed love message is required to be performed on the night from Saturday to Sunday.

If nothing else is indicated in the description and recommendations for a particular bewitching rite, then the ritual should be performed after sunset.

Workshop on love spell: a brief guide

Proper preparation for the rite is the main condition for the effectiveness of the influence of courotene. It is very important to take care to preserve their own natural energy.

This can be done by giving up alcoholic beverages a few days before the ceremony and, if possible, not wasting power on quarrels and conflicts.

In order to awaken the reserve internal sources of energy, which will make the message of love more powerful, you should fast no less than three days before the ceremony. It is desirable during this period to completely abandon animal food.

If this is difficult to do for any reason, for example, because of a serious illness, then you need to control the amount of food, do not overeat and replace fatty foods with lean counterparts.

Before the ceremony, you must also prepare the room in which the ritual will be held. If you on a subconscious level feel the need to perform an energy purification, then for this you can use a special ritual with a church candle.

But, more often, it is enough just to perform a general cleaning of the room, removing all unnecessary things from it.

Before any bewitching ritual should take a shower and wear clean clothes. If possible, you can go to the bath.

During the ceremony, you must remove all jewelry and dissolve hair.

Much attention needs to be paid directly to the reading of the bewitching plot. The main thing is that all words be pronounced very clearly.

It is necessary that all phrases sound meaningful. Sometimes it is allowed to read a love spell from a sheet.

It is also possible to insert your own phrases or reinforcing words into the plot, but they must fit into the original text naturally, therefore, they must first be thought out.

If you need to use special attributes in priory ceremonies, then it should be only new items. They are usually bought before the rite, without surrender.

You should always remember that the bewitching rite will be effective only if you manage to visualize the image of your beloved or beloved. Nothing and no one should distract you from the ongoing magical action.

Using the above mentioned spell workshop, one can guarantee the correctness of the ceremony and, therefore, its high performance.

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