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When is the best spell to do?

In today’s high-tech world, magic is very often used to attract the love of another person. For this purpose, love spells are used, most of which can be easily carried out at home.

But at the same time it is important not only to follow the recommendations of a particular ritual, but also to know when it is better to do a love spell.

When is the best spell to do?

It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally, for different magical directed effects the time may be optimal. It is better to make a love spell only after you decide on the choice of the ceremony and carefully study its recommendations.

The moon is considered a symbol of love, so it can increase the directional love spell. That is why the lunar rites are the most sought after.

This means that such rituals should be performed at night. Most love ceremonies are performed in the ascending phase of the night luminary, but some are performed during the full moon.

You should know that there is a category of love spells that are not controlled by the moon. These are mental spells, cemetery rites and rituals that use monthly blood.

For lunar love spells there is also such a thing as male and female days. This means that in order to bewitch a man you need to perform a ritual on the men’s day.

They are: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. A love spell aimed at a female should be performed on women’s days of the week.

This is Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

If the description does not say anything about the time of the ceremony, then in any case it should be done after sunset, but at a time convenient for you.

Since more often women fascinate men, it is necessary to know how men’s days influence directional exposure.

Monday is the first men’s day of the week. He is under the influence of the moon. Therefore, love spells on this day are extremely strong.

In addition, it should be noted that men with strong energy only on this day are susceptible to magic.

If you have a strong love for a person, but he, unfortunately, despite all the efforts being made, does not pay attention to you, then the love spell should be carried out on Monday. The most arrogant and independent men can be bewitched on this day.

It is recommended to conduct the ceremony on Monday for wives from whom the husband has left. He will be able to bring him back without any special efforts with the help of magic, and for this, any rite of white magic that will not lead to strong negative consequences will be enough.

When is the best spell to do?

Tuesday, the second man’s day of the week, is ruled by Mars. On this day, it is better to bewitch calm and balanced men leading a measured lifestyle. On this day, trying to bewitch strong, targeted people is not worth it, since the effects will not be effective.

An important condition for the effectiveness of the priory ceremony held on this day is the absence of any obstacles.

In addition, professional magicians are advised to conduct on Thursday only bewitching rites related to white magic. Black rituals on this day can lead to strong negative consequences for the performer.

Thursday is considered the day of dreamers and romantics, it is ruled by Jupiter. Therefore, on this day, subtle creative natures are most subject to the bewitches. Although most professional magicians agree that Thursday is the best day for a love spell.

Conspiracies, in which natural forces are called to help, work especially well.

Love spell should be carried out only after the creation of all conditions. It is important to correctly tune in to a magical act.

It is necessary to analyze the situation. You need to understand how dear you are the person you are planning to bewitch. In no case can not be done out of revenge or just for the sake of experiment.

Such an approach can have serious negative consequences.

After the decision to conduct the ceremony is finally made, it is necessary to prepare the room in which the ceremony will be held. It should be a secluded, well soundproofed room. From the room you need to remove as much as possible all unnecessary items.

This will minimize power clutter.

If nothing else is provided for in the ceremony, then it is necessary to light candles and turn off artificial lighting. Be sure to take care that nothing and no one interfere with the directional effects.

Only by envisioning the smallest nuances can one begin to conduct a magical action, observing all the recommendations and rules of a particular rite.

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