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What the customer likes the love spell — a detailed description

The customer always feels a change in his own state at the time of the bewitching influence and after it. This is due to the very nature of any magical rite.

Energy surge caused by magic affects all participants of the ritual: the object, the customer and the magician. Therefore, the question of what the customer feels during the love spell is very relevant.

In practice, the situation with respect to the distribution of the recoil wave is slightly different. If the ritual was carried out by a professional magician on order, then after the rite, he knows how only the methods known to him take the energy response back from him, transferring it to the customer.

The more powerful the bewitching rite, the stronger its negative consequences for the customer may be. Forerunners of them, he of course, begins to feel already in the process of conducting the ceremony.

Therefore, you need to know what the customer loves to feel and how to behave afterwards in order to make the right decision directly about the need to conduct the ceremony.

What the customer likes the love spell - a detailed description

If you are a customer of the bewitching rite, then you should be prepared for the fact that you will definitely feel the moment of the beginning of the ceremony. So, what does a customer love spell feel at the moment of the ceremony?

First of all, there will be physical discomfort.

It can manifest itself in all different ways, for example:

  • Chills;
  • Increased body temperature;
  • Stomach problems;
  • Headache

But at the same time, you can definitely answer the question of what the customer feels during the love spell on a subconscious level. At this moment, always and in everyone there is a feeling of increased anxiety.

In addition, many have a strong desire for loneliness. I want to hide overnight from the whole world around.

And even with close people and relatives is very near at this moment.

Since the magic rite lasts no more than half an hour, then the sensations described above will be observed at approximately the same time. After this, physical and mental fatigue remains. Internally, it seems that you were engaged in long-term physical labor and performed all the work of coercion without any moral support.

Moreover, the severity of the state at this stage, which can last for several days, depends entirely on whether black or white magic was used for the bewitching rite.

When performing a ritual relating to white magic, the customer has the following symptoms:

  • Prostration;
  • Psychological fatigue.

In this regard, knowing when the magician is planning to hold the ceremony, you need to provide for the next day off. As a rule, one day of high-grade rest in a positive mood and with a quality diet can be enough to fully recover.

A love rite relating to black magic, causing great harm to the victim, generates a powerful reverse wave of negative energy directed at the customer. Therefore, for several days after the ceremony, the person who ordered the magic ritual of directional action, will feel complete moral exhaustion.

This is due to the fact that after a black spell, a bewitched person ceases to exist without a customer at the energy level. He becomes a kind of energy vampire, feeding his energy from the man who bewitches him.

Such “energy parasiticity” negatively affects the morale of the customer during the first days after the bewitching rite. In the future, his body adapts. In addition, dreams after a love spell become restless or turn into nightmares, rarely dreaming of a picture of a happy future together.

Almost immediately exacerbated existing chronic diseases. On the other hand, after the ceremony has been successfully conducted, the customer feels in parallel a surge of positive emotions.

The main ones are:

  • Light pleasant excitement from anticipation of positive change;
  • The desire to be close to the beloved man;
  • Joyful excitement from the ideas of future life together with the chosen one.

You should control your feelings, as they will be largely associated with sexual attraction to the chosen one. If changes on your part are noticed, it can alert the closest entourage surrounding.

In this case, the spell can be removed, which also entails unpleasant consequences for the customer.

What the customer likes the love spell - a detailed description

When ordering a bewitching rite, it should be understood that after the magical effect, the customer is promised a variety of consequences. What will happen is very difficult to systematize, because it depends on a variety of factors.

Very dangerous health effects can be. Moreover, if after the ritual, health problems begin directly at the victim of the love spell, then the customer suffers more than the next of kin.

The energy strike can retain its power for several generations and predict the scheme according to which it will be impossible to act.

We can say with confidence that the reverse wave will hit one of the weak points in the near future after the bewitching rite. Therefore, if you have sick elderly relatives, then it is better to refuse to bewitch a person. Almost always, a backward energy strike affects the financial sector.

And this is felt in the first days after the ceremony, for example, troubles begin at work or problems with one’s own business. That is, the bewitching rite scares away good luck, and the ritual customer feels completely defenseless.

In addition to the main consequences affecting the basic spheres of life, the character of the customer changes as a whole after the bewitching rite.

It should be remembered that it is impossible to prevent negative consequences, but they can be minimized. Therefore, before ordering a rite, you must be confident not only in the professionalism of the magician, but also in his decency.

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