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What is dangerous spell for the victim and the customer

In the modern world, many are addicted to magic. Particularly in demand are the bewitching rites. That is why the question of why the spell is dangerous is very relevant.

First of all, it should be understood that the love spell provides for a certain violence against a person at the energy level. Therefore, it should be realized that there are no absolutely safe love spells.

There is a huge variety of bewitching rites, they differ in strength and mode of action. Rites that belong to the means of white magic are considered conditionally safe, but at the same time they should be used only for good purposes, for example, in order to return the confused spouse to the family or to attract the attention of a person you like.

It is very important to know what a spell is dangerous in case you plan to use the rite of black magic. Such a ritual implies recourse to dark forces and, if improperly performed, can seriously harm not only the bewitched person, but also the performer or customer of the ceremony.

What is dangerous spell for the victim and the customer

The negative consequences of a love spell relate primarily to the victim. This is due to the fact that he forcibly disrupts the natural energy metabolism, which is very dangerous for health in general.

Initially, this is expressed in general weakness and malaise, after which the existing chronic diseases can worsen.

In severe cases, when a bewitched person begins to resist external foreign influences, develops:

  • Insomnia;
  • Nightmares;
  • Problems with potency in men;
  • Gynecological problems in women.

The morale of the bewitched person deteriorates immediately after the ceremony. Internally, this is manifested by spiritual emptiness, and externally by apathy and complete indifference to the surrounding world.

Over time, if sincere love does not begin to awaken in a person’s soul, then a person begins to subconsciously search for a way out of the current situation, which, of course, does not find. Therefore, the love spell becomes irritable and suspicious, and against the background of such a state, aggressiveness often develops.

Not passing internal devastation can even lead to suicide. It is at this moment that the bewitched person needs the help of close people who recognize the spell and will help to remove it.

Against the background of suppressed will, a fascinated person often develops a craving for alcoholism and drug addiction or other addictions arise.

A spell for a person with a strong natural energy is very dangerous. His consciousness will constantly struggle with the imposed external influence of desires, and this can lead to mental disorder.

Being close to such a person, you need to prepare for the frequent change of his mood. He can carry you on his hands and idolize, and after a while hit, and a little later sincerely ask for forgiveness.

In severe cases, if you do not provide timely assistance to a person, he may end up in a psychiatric hospital.

After the love spell, the consciousness of the human victim changes. This is primarily due to the fact that mentally a person is always close to the person who performed the ceremony.

Therefore, for all the affairs that he was engaged in earlier, it is quite difficult for him to keep track of. In this regard, there are often problems in the business sphere.

Love spell victims often lose their jobs or go bankrupt, having their own business.

Altered consciousness leads to a blunt feeling of self-preservation. Therefore, the bewitched person often finds himself in dangerous, life-threatening situations. And the longer the spell acts, the more the victim’s energy field is destroyed.

But in any case, if even almost immediately remove the spell, the victim will never be able to fully recover. Love spell imposes an imprint on life.

What is dangerous spell for the victim and the customer

Reverse energy strike always takes place when conducting any love spell. But he may be stronger or weaker on the type of ritual chosen.

In addition, there are ways to minimize negative consequences and they should not be neglected in any way. It should be remembered that interfering in the fate of another person, the customer imposes enormous responsibility on himself.

Paying the customer for violence against another person can be:

  • Sudden deterioration of health and the occurrence of serious diseases that are not amenable to treatment by traditional methods;
  • Problems in the financial sector;
  • Nightmares and insomnia.

In addition, the customer of the love spell suffers greatly if the love influence is diagnosed and removed in a timely manner. This leads to the fact that the rejected negative completely returns to the one who purposefully directed it.

The consequences of the rites of black magic, in particular the blood spells, are very dangerous for the customer. In this case, the genetic memory program starts.

The negative is inherited and as a result, future generations may suffer.

It should be understood that life with a bewitched person can turn into hell. He will strive, is always there, while his jealousy will overwhelm without cause.

Especially difficult for living together become love spells aimed at sexual binding.

In addition, you should consider the possible side effects of any love spell, which no one can predict, even the most experienced magician. For example, a cemetery rite, if something went wrong, can open a permanent channel between the customer and the other world.

This will lead to the fact that gradually the forces of the person who ordered the ceremony, will fade and this will lead to death.

Also dangerous are demonic rituals providing for the help of demons in solving love problems. These creatures of the other world are unpredictable, and only a professional magician who always puts the necessary defenses can control them.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, quite often the negative effects of the bewitching rite end in slight indisposition for the victim and the customer. This is due to the fact that in the modern world magic rituals are often carried out independently at home. And not many can make a strong, energetic, focused message.

And, as a rule, bewitching rituals performed by yourself can draw attention to a person you like, but they do not force him to be around all the time.

Strong rites that may have negative consequences are not recommended for even the most experienced magicians. After all, an artificially created love attraction will never replace true sincere feelings.

If you like a person and you need to attract his attention, then it is better to visit the temple, put candles for health and turn to the Lord God with a prayer for help. Also helps to connect the fate and the Holy Mother of God.

Remember that you can turn to magic only if all the ways to attract a person to yourself are used, and the soul continues to be torn apart.

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