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What could be the consequences of love spell

Possible consequences of love spell for men and women

Under the love spell mean a strong magical effect, aimed at suppressing the will and feelings of man. With the best of intentions, this action is not positive and belongs to the sphere of black magic.

The consequences of the love spell for the person who performed the ritual or ordered it, as well as for the bewitched, are dangerous and can cause a number of psychological and physical problems and affect the lives of future generations.

Any love spell leads to a violation of human bioenergy structures. That is why, after a strong magical effect, the behavior of the bewitched cardinally changes.

Close and dear people may notice the following changes in a person:

  1. 1. Bewitched constantly striving for a new object of love. Even if he understands that the relationship will bring him only pain and suffering, he can not do anything with himself. He is no longer interested in family, hobbies and work — the meaning of his life lies in one person.
  2. 2. The object of the love spell has a strong sexual attraction to the person who spoke to him. If the rite is performed by a mistress, the passion and attraction for the legitimate wife will disappear. Having sex can be fun with only one partner, who made a love spell.
  3. 3. In humans, there is a gradual energy "extinction". He becomes apathetic and lethargic, it is easy to manage. He is not interested in anything, as he is in a state of depression.
  4. 4. With a strong love spell there are changes in the character. Even quiet and calm people begin to behave aggressively. They find it difficult to communicate with others, they constantly come into conflicts.
  5. 5. A man bewitched is capable of loving and experiencing positive feelings only towards a new object of lust. The life of his previously dear and close people no longer interests him.
  6. 6. A person begins to appear many problems that earlier in similar situations he would not have arisen. Every day is a test for him, and it is impossible to enjoy a familiar life.

What could be the consequences of love spell

All love spells are divided into 2 types:

  1. one. Weak. They arouse light interest in the person who has become fascinated, contribute to the emergence of a sense of depression. The consequences are rarely negative, since such a magical effect will push the chosen one to make a certain decision and will not be able to suppress his will.
  2. 2 Strong. Characterized by uncontrollable sexual desire, the subordination of the will of man. The victim of the love spell does not represent life without an object of passion, but he cannot develop a harmonious relationship with him either. The effect of such love spells is reflected both on those who are bewitching and on the people performing the rite, as well as the customers.

The most powerful are conspiracies with the use of personal belongings that store the energy of the victim: jewelry, items of clothing. In black rituals, blood, nails, hair and other biomaterials of the victim are often used, which provides quick results and inevitable payback.

How strong the spell will be depends on the powers that the magician refers to and his abilities.

As a result of damage to the biofield after strong love spells, bewitched people often reveal health problems that can manifest themselves as a small weakness and depression, as well as serious diseases. After the rituals of black magic, causing irresistible sexual desire, there are problems with potency or infertility.

What could be the consequences of love spell

Love spell, which is done on monthly blood, is one of the most powerful. Instead of love, you can get a strong damage and, even if this does not happen, the consequences of a magical effect can affect children.

No matter how powerful and experienced a magician is, a woman who has ordered or made a love spell on her own is at risk for the following problems:

  • severe gynecological diseases, as a result of which the girl may become infertile;
  • blood pathology and oncology;
  • fast aging

If the love spell wife did to her husband, the couple can quickly leave. After exposure to magical forces, men after a short time begin to behave inadequately, and they have pronounced attacks of aggression.

They are very jealous of a woman and do not allow her to live in peace, experiencing such feelings as anger and hatred towards her.

Often the situation comes to assault, physical and moral violence. Despite all the hatred of the woman who made the spell, the man can not part with it.

He is physically attached to her, but his soul is constantly trying to break out of these shackles. After the induced love spell, many guys start to suffer from alcoholism, even if they had not previously consumed alcohol.

Having received, instead of a successful and handsome man, an aggressive alcoholic who is categorically opposed to breaking off relations, many women turn to magicians to remove a love spell. It is quite difficult to do this, and there is no guarantee that the bewitched person will fully recover, and the woman will not develop serious illnesses in the future.

Black spell, performed at the intersection, can lead to negative consequences. It is carried out only by strong magicians who have protection and are able to “pay off” from demons, to whose help they turn.

Otherwise, health problems, personal relationships and finances can not be avoided.

The stronger the magical effect, the more dangerous the consequences.

If strong magicians can put «protection» on their energy field, then people who are far from this and make love spells at home, consciously bring chaos and destruction into their lives. Turning for help to the dark forces, a person must pay them, and a simple mercy does not always suit such “helpers”.

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