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Turns off the guy on the photo and no photo

How to read the top of the guy

Every girl likes to receive attention signs from the opposite sex. But what to do if this attention becomes obsessive and causes only negative emotions?

Even worse, because of the annoying gentleman, no one can build normal relations with anyone. The magic for this case offers its solution: to turn the back of the guy.

Turns from the guy: the purpose and scope

Turning away from a guy is a special magic ritual, the main task of which is to forever turn a young man away from himself, communication with which evokes emotions of only negative content.

Turns off the guy on the photo and no photo

The use of this lapel will allow the girl to get rid of the attention of the arrogant and annoying suitor, who does not give her a pass, or turn the hopelessly in love boyfriend away from him. The rite will help if the young lady herself is obsessed with an unrequited love for the young man: having turned away the object of sighing from herself, she will be able to sigh with relief and stop finally suffering from heart pangs.

Turning from the guy: how to avoid the consequences?

Like any magical rite, the cuff of a guy has its consequences, although they are often not very serious. As soon as the ritual begins, the otvorozhenny young man begins to feel uncomfortable next to the performer of the rite.

He may become absent-minded, inattentive and restless, he will start to avoid the company of a girl who just yesterday seemed the most desirable. Periodic outbursts of aggression and irritability are another symptom of the flap acting in the right direction.

Gradually, the desire of the guy to be around and with the girl who performed the beloved rite of passage, will come to naught.

In order to turn the back of a young man to give the desired result, the girl herself must adhere to a certain pattern of behavior: show up less to his eyes and not try to remain friends with him after that — such a “friendship” will not bring anything good to both.

To minimize the undesirable effects of the ritual will help its proper conduct. It is necessary to take into account the following conditions:

  • the top of the guy is done in the phase of the waning moon — this contributes to the extinction of feelings;
  • it cannot be performed on Thursday and Sunday: Thursday is the day for family love magic, and on Sunday any magic ritual loses its power;
  • 3 days before its implementation, it is recommended to observe strict fasting;
  • you can not make the back of a joke for the sake of: magic — this is an area that requires itself a very serious attitude;
  • be sure to focus on the desired result, to have a clear idea of ​​it.

Turns off the guy on the photo and no photo

The cuff of the guy — the ritual is very simple, but very effective. It can easily be held on its own.

Effective cuffs you can do yourself

Lapel rite with sour apple

Turns off the guy on the photo and no photo

To turn the guy away, get a sour green apple — the more acidic it is, the better. Speak it with the following words:

“As an apple tears its mouth with acid, so I will never be with you. Be unwanted to you, nasty, not a joy. Let the other be your sweetness.

To your mouth when I curled up, as if you were drunk with acid. Bypass me by you, I will never be with you. ”

After pronouncing the plot, take a bite from the fruit and throw it away. Then throw the apple away from your home.

Lapel on an apple (for an unrequited girl in love)

This ritual is designed specifically for those girls who are hopelessly in love with a young man, and want to get rid of this feeling in order to end their suffering. To commit it you need to prepare any apple.

The singer must bite off the apple several times. When midnight comes, the bitten fruit needs to be buried in the ground, uttering a conspiracy:

“I’ll go out (own name), looking at night, from the door — to the gate, from the gate — to the open field. And in the open field the tree grows. And on the branches of the tree that raven sits.

I will ask the crow: unleash the love of my breast (name of young man), take it to the far lands and far to the seas, throw there so that it will not return, return neither today, nor tomorrow, nor forever and ever. And as the sky does not converge with the earth, so shall I not live with (name of young man).

My conspiracy is powerful and strong — do not talk it over and do not break it. From now on, ever and ever.


The girl after that should spit 3 times and leave this place without looking back. The next 3 days also need not to watch the object of his sigh.

The ritual is repeated 2 more times — on the 9th and 40th day.

Lapel on the guy with a safety pin

For the ritual, you will need a safety pin, which the girl should speak and unnoticeably attach it to the clothes of the guy you want to turn. However, this must be done so that the young man must find the pin and take it off his clothes with his own hands.

If someone else does this instead, then the ceremony will not give any result.

The plot sounds like this:

“Let the sparkle and the wounded, deliver me from me. As a litter, get out of the hut and do not know me more. As soon as you take off the pin, you will cool me forever! ”

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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