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Turning a guy or a man away from you — read it yourself

How to read the top of a man or a guy from yourself?

Love presents various surprises, sometimes unpleasant — in the form of undivided feelings or annoying suitor. And sometimes it happens that a rejected young man begins to take revenge and start various rumors, from which the girl’s reputation suffers noticeably.

Turning a guy or a man away from you - read it yourself

What to do in this case? Magic offers a quick and effective way to solve this problem — to make a man’s cuff.

The terms of the cuff of the guy himself

The top is a ritual aimed at the destruction of sympathy, affection, passion and love.. Like all rites with the destructive action of the lapel is performed when the moon decreases.

Occasionally there are rituals performed during the full moon.

The decision to turn the back of a guy should certainly be deliberate. First of all, you need to make sure that the ritual will benefit both of its participants: save them from unwanted feelings, give freedom and give a chance to build your happiness next to other people. If, however, to carry out the lapel of revenge or hatred, almost with full confidence we can say that it will act as damage.

The use of love magic is always a responsibility, and, to a greater extent, for oneself, and for other people who may suffer from it.

For the effectiveness of the ritual and obtain the desired result, to perform it should choose a specific day of the week. In our case, we are talking about turning oneself away from a young man; therefore, it should be done strictly in women’s days.

These are considered Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

It is also desirable to take care of the safety of the ritual and after it is done to do something. To do this, it is enough to go to a church or a temple and put a candle in any vending icon. It will be useful to go to church and before the ritual: put a candle for the health of the man from whom you want to turn away, ask for his blessings from the Higher Forces, and for yourself — permission to make changes in someone else’s fate.

Promise God that you wish happiness to that young man and make any decision He makes. Then the lapel, indeed, will turn out and will be as safe as possible for both of you.

Additional information about the cuffs and its consequences can be seen in the video:

How to make a lapel of a guy — read yourself

Technique turn-away ritual there are many. I will cite several ways that have repeatedly rescued victims of unhappy or unwanted love. Their advantage lies in the simplicity of performance, so they can cope with their conduct and people with the lack of independent magical practice.

In addition, the methods described below are characterized by high efficiency.

Turning yourself away from the guy in the water (in case of unhappy love)

Turning a guy or a man away from you - read it yourself

Do the ritual on the waning moon. Type in a transparent jug clean water from a natural source (spring, river) or from a well.

Put a jug of water on the window sill — so that the light of the night light falls on the liquid. Leave to stand until dawn, and with the advent of the new day, hide the container in a dark place — it is impossible for the light of the sun to fall on the water.

Repeat the above steps for 3 nights in a row. On the third night, wake up before dawn and say a jug of water with the help of the following conspiracy:

“The water is clear and pure, the water is calm, sanctified by the moon, you do not miss anyone, flow to yourself and know no grief. Take my anguish, take it with you, so that I will not know sorrow or sorrow.

The key is in the sky, and the lock is in the sea. Amen».

Having started talking water, immediately drink it, presenting at the same time how the image of your lover dissolves and disappears in the air. Concluding the ritual, say the prayer “Our Father” 9 times.

Turning yourself away from the man on the ball and the wind (universal way)

This method is good for those. that it can be used both to get rid of unrequited or unhappy love, and in order to turn the gentleman’s heart away from him. Also performed on a decreasing month.

Get a black balloon. On a small piece of paper, write the name of the guy you want to otvorozhit, and put this note inside the ball.

Inflate the ball and go to any elevation — preferably on a windy day. Let the black ball with the note inserted into the wind read the plot:

“In the winds I release the love of the servant of God (guy’s name). At will, in the distance, long-distance fly, another share of myself elect.

Fly over the fields, over the seas, over the villages and cities. Find peace in the distance, at the very edge of the earth. From me (own name) turn away and tear off your heart.

I let go on the free will, where the servant of God (guy’s name) happy waiting for a share. Amen».

Autumn lapel on his fallen leaves

It is performed in the fall, on a waning moon, in the season when the foliage falls from the trees.

Turning a guy or a man away from you - read it yourself

For a lapel, take 3 fallen leaves from any tree that does not bear fruit. Leaves should not be dried.

Write or with a needle scribble on the collected leaves the name of the person from whom you need to turn away. At night, go to some hill (in extreme cases, the roof of a multistory building will do). The leaves let the wind from different parts of the world.

At the same time on each sheet, say the following words.

“The fallen and faded leaf, empty thoughts of God’s servant (the name of the boy), take with you. From him the cuffs, peace and freedom I find help.

Key lock Let it be so!»

After completing the ceremony, immediately go to your home and go to bed.

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